9 miles and weekending

I drove back up to school late Friday morning in the rain and HAIL (fun fact: here’s why it hails in the spring & summer) and arrived just in time to pick up a few groceries before Ryan came.

He surprised me with flower baskets!

These are the first plants I’ve had in my apartment, but now I understand why people have flowers and gardens–they make you happy!  Glad I’m 24 years old and finally learning this.  The hanging flowers inspired me to get more plants or start a herb garden or maybe plant an indoor watermelon patch.

Now, the running part: Thanks for all of the bronchitis well wishes!  My lungs are feeling much better after four days of meds.  Bronchi (that’s what my dad nick-named me for the week) is on the mend, so I figured I was okay enough to do my last Saturday morning run before the marathon: 9 miles in perfect crisp 50 degree weather.  My quads and glutes were tight, and I basically had to crawl up the ONE hill on all fours, but I’m getting excited for next Saturday!  At this point, I’m not necessarily going for a certain goal time, but I’m going to just enjoy the ride.  Now accepting motivational phrases.


It’s graduation weekend at Purdue, so during the run I saw groups of grads walking around campus in their caps and gowns and posing for pictures.  Our program held a Saturday afternoon party to celebrate the 4th years (now Dr.’s!) in their accomplishment, so Ryan and I popped over to congratulate the grads and chat with my classmates.

We continued our social Saturday by meeting another friend that night to play Catan.  Ryan and I offered to bring snacks, so we brought a jar of peanut butter and a variety of healthy foods to dip: apples, bananas, celery, and graham crackers.  We really are life of the party when it comes to bringing snacks.


Sunday was church, some school stuff (the summer semester starts tomorrow), and plant shopping (inspired by the flowers!).  Say hello to basil:

Hope you had a nice weekend!

Do you have a garden?
Any good running mantras?


22 thoughts on “9 miles and weekending

  1. I’m 25 (turning 26 in 2 weeks…) and have killed every single plant I’ve ever owned. I actually live in a basement apartment right now, so I keep shying away from the thought of trying again. Now I’m inspired to get a bamboo plant because it should probably survive in my dungeon 🙂

  2. My running mantra- I can do hard things. Other mantras include swearing and are probably inappropriate for online. I have a tree named Milton. That’s all. I can’t wait for when I move out and I can plant a vegetable garden though 🙂

  3. I think this is weird but sometimes I count while I run…I don’t know why but it works sometimes and helps turn off my brain for a bit!

  4. Most of my mantras are curse-word heavy 😉 Getting all angry/fired up helps me late in a race so I also like to listen to music with aggressive beats or lots of yelling like rap or songs like Buckcherry “crazy bitch.”

  5. I am probably the worst gardener of all time. True story. I killed a cactus. I think that’s damn near impossible.

    Happy Taper Week!! Your goals sound a lot like mine for the weekend. I think you are going to do so great and I can’t wait to hear all about it!!

  6. Most of my running mantras are variations of “shut up brain – I can totally do this”. And as for green fingers – nope. I cannot keep anything alive which is weird because I come from a family of very talented gardeners.

  7. Settlers of Catan! What a great way to the pass the time. I really wish I had a travel version right now. Good luck with your upcoming race!

    If you, or any of your running friends, ever want a little free feedback about your training, just shoot me an email. I would be happy to analyze your workouts and logged miles to advise you on how to drop that PR. I ran for The College of Wooster, coached at Oberlin College and now I’m racing around the world!

    Great blog! I’ll keep reading.

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