Off to the race

Happy Wednesday!  This will be the last post before I leave tomorrow morning for the race and a weekend in Michigan!  Tomorrow, Erin and I are meeting for a short and easy run (her comeback to running after several weeks in a boot!!), and then we’ll grab our bags and hit the road.


So far, taper week is going pretty much as planned.
Tues: 5 total (3 @ 8min pace)
Wed: 40 min easy

I’m still deciding what to wear, what fuel to bring, and whether or not I should wear my Garmin.  Fun fact: I’ve never raced with a Garmin!  I usually wear a normal sports watch and press the lap button at the mile markers so that I can check my splits at the end.  I can see total time and lap time, but not distance or pace, which I actually like.  I have this unfounded concern that my Garmin will suddenly run out of battery or lose satellite mid-race, which are problems I don’t need to worry about with my old purple sports watch that has been with me since the beginning (realistically meaning that there is a better chance of Trusty Purple running out of battery).  **This is coming from the girl who won’t use cruise control in her car for fear of it not turning off–I clearly have technology trust issues.

Things I’ve accomplished during taper week instead of running:

  • I FINISHED the 8th and final season of DH and LOVED all 8 seasons.  I’m not usually a tv binger, but DH is better and less trashy than you may think.
  • I finished The Book Thief (I’m glad I read it and was intrigued with this perspective of a Holocaust story, but I never had that “I can’t put this down” feeling) and started reading A Map of the Child.  <–If a little part of you ever wanted to be a pediatrician, this is a great read!
  • I ate lots and lots bread.  Better to be overcarbed than undercarbed, right?
  • I thought, several times, about cleaning my apartment.

On this morning’s easy run, I was reviewing my running/training over the past few months and how it wasn’t as perfect as I had planned for it to be back in February.  I did the runs, but my heart wasn’t 100% into marathon training, and I used more of my time and brain power for other things, like school, sleep, and relationships.

Good: I completed the long runs, including three 20 milers and one 22 miler.
Not so good: None of my long runs felt good.  Like, at all.

Good: I didn’t get injured!! This is huge because I was returning from a little injury break when I started training.  I’m crediting my health to two rest days each week, mediocre strength training, and not pushing myself with the slightest twinge of hamstring pain.
Not so good: Inconsistency and lack of speed work and tempo runs

Good: I learned how to run in temperatures cold enough to freeze your eyelashes (exhibit Aexhibit Bexhibit Cexhibit D)
Not so good: Need I say more?

So even though it won’t be the PR and BQ I wanted, it’ll still be an experience!  I was talking about this with a friend and vet marathoner, and she gave the best advice: “It’s marathon #5 no matter what…whatever the time and how you feel, you’ll take it and think about it and apply it to the next one.”  And my dad reminded me that it will be more fun than a long training run by myself.  Both are so true.  I’m excited!

Have a nice weekend, and good luck to anyone else racing (Salt and Colby)!!


8 thoughts on “Off to the race

  1. Good luck!! Side note: I had zero idea what book thief was about and watched it on my flight home…bad plan. I thought it was a cute story (despite the nazi theme and all) and relatively light-hearted and then the end and BAM! I was crying like a freaking baby on a red eye flight trying not to make noise and wake people up.

  2. Lookit you all throw in’ in the towel before you start! You never know what race day will bring. You may even be slightly surprised. (Or completely disgusted but let’s keep this on the positive side, shall we?) You put in the work lady! Frozen eyelashes and all! GO GET ‘EM!!! Love that we’re in the Taper Madness Together! Now I’m going to re-read what I have written so it sinks into my own, thick head.

    Good Luck! I can’t wait for the recap!!!! Here’s to #5! Yahoo!!!

  3. We are SO having the same kind of indecisive week about everything!! I think you are going to do AMAZINGLY well. You trained so hard for this and even if the long runs didn’t feel all that awesome, you got them done and they aren’t the real deal. 🙂 You could have the race of your life and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that that is the case for you! I’ll be thinking of ya and I’m so glad that we found each other’s blogs and are racing together in spirit this weekend! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  4. Good luck, you’re going to do awesome! Sometimes the long runs suck but it all comes together on race day, maybe you WILL pr and bq 🙂 Good luck, I know you’ll be great!

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