Lakeside weekend

I had a fabulous weekend in Michigan!  I’ll post the marathon recap soon, but let’s cover the rest of the weekend.

My friend Erin and I drove up to Traverse City on Thursday afternoon and fell in love with Michigan in the summertime.  We pulled to the side of the road to take this picture of one of the hundreds of gorgeous lakes at sunset.IMAG1000

We rented out a little lake house for the weekend with our friends Stacy and Mike–Mike and I were running the marathon, and Stacy and Erin had registered too, but they weren’t able to run due to injuries, so they were our cheer team.

On Friday, the day before the race, we explored the area a bit.  Traverse City has a super cute downtown, so first we stopped for lunch at a cafe called Swiches Deli.  We all got sandwiches served with pickled carrot sticks (? I think?) on the side–my sandwich had chicken with pesto and some other things (I was sold at the pesto), but the whole menu was full of unique options.  Erin’s sandwich had asparagus on it!  We popped into the local running store, a thrift shop, a bookstore, and a little coffee shop before heading back to our house to relax, eat a pre-race spaghetti dinner, and rest up for the marathon.

Saturday morning started bright and early.  I ran a marathon! (recap coming ‘atcha soon. spoiler alert: I survived).  After the race, we picked up sandwiches at a different local sandwich place– I got a ham sandwich (it was fancier and more delicious than it sounds) and a large Diet Coke.  I gave up pop for 8 weeks before the marathon as an experiment and challenge, so those first few fizzy sips were wonderful!  DC will be back in my life now.  We brought our food back to the lake house, and Erin, Stacy, & I sat on the porch and chatted.  Happiness is eating sandwiches with friends on a porch overlooking a lake on a summer afternoon after finishing a marathon.  And that sentence had more prepositional phrases than anything I’ve ever said.

After a liiiittle bit of down time (I called my family to recap the race, a father-daughter post race tradition), we got ready and drove to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.  Miles of sand dunes lining Lake Michigan.  Beautiful.  Erin and I made it up the first three sand mountains in anticipation of seeing the lake on the other side, but then we heard that it was a 2+ mile hike through more sand dunes to reach the lake, so we turned around and enjoyed the view back down.IMAG1009

We drove a few miles away to see Lake Michigan and touch its freezing water.IMAG1011

Erin, me, and Stacy in nature’s ice bath.

I love this state in the summer, but I went to school in Michigan and know how bad the winters are…otherwise I’d totally move here for the lakes.

After an afternoon of exploring, we met up with my friends Olivia and Zach at their campsite to cook hotdogs, roast marshmallows, and see the sunset.  I hadn’t seen Liv in way too long, so it was good to catch up and meet her dog Franklin!

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 2.24.21 PM

I think Saturday was the most physically active day of my entire life, but all of the walking around the dunes and beaches must have helped my legs recover because I wasn’t very sore on Sunday.  Not sore, but starving.  We packed up and peaced out late morning, en route to a pancake house.  ..Then we got lost and landed in the parking lot of the nearest breakfast restaurant we could find because I was about to eat my race medal.  It was a cozy mom & pop type diner with GREAT FOOD, as advertised:

Then we left Michigan’s lakes and dunes for Indiana’s cows and wind turbines.

Have you been to Michigan?
Water or mountains?


13 thoughts on “Lakeside weekend

  1. BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! Wow it sounds like such a fun and relaxing weekend. I’m definitely water if I had to pick, but I do miss living in California where I could go between in just a couple minutes. 🙂

  2. OMG those photos!!! You do NOT look like you just ran a marathon. Just sayin… 🙂 I cannot wait for your recap!!!! I have never been to Michigan but it’s on my list! Hmmm I don’t know if I could pick between water or mountains. I’ll go with mountains because I like to look at the water, but not actually go in it past my shins haha.

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