Wedding weekend and my new summer workout

Happy JUNE (how did that happen??) to everyone out there.

I traveled to Ryan’s house for the weekend for his sister’s wedding.  His sister Rachel and new brother-in-law Evan got married on Saturday (congrats, guys!), so his house was buzzing with wedding excitement all weekend.  It was fun to be part of the festivities!  They had a lovely ceremony in the rose gardens at a park that you can kind of see behind Ryan and me below.

If you count dancing at the wedding reception (which you probably should), Ryan and I had three weekend workouts–the other two were runs on Saturday & Sunday morning.  Since we live 3 hours apart and don’t get to see each other all that often, it’s super nice that we both like to wake up early to work out because it means extra time together.

Saturday’s workout was a good one!  Designed mostly by Ryan (my only contributions were decreasing the number of lunges and whining about the burpees):
30 lunges
20 push ups
20 box jumps (I did 10 and can’t even imagine doing 20)
10 burpees
20 step-ups
Run half a mile
Repeat (4 rounds total)
I huffed and puffed and wheezed and died my way through, so Ryan kindly did a few wall-sits after he finished each circuit to wait for me so that we could do the run part together.

On Sunday morning, we went for a straight up run without adding random strength moves, and he showed me a cool trail by his house.  My right achilles started hurting early on in the run–probably from wearing heels all Saturday and then running without stretching out my crying balled up calves–so we turned around almost as soon as we got to the trail.  I was hot, tired, and hurting (read: as grumpy as grumpy gets), so that run was not one of my finer moments.
I was also grumpy because there is this sensitive point of time that happens about a week after finishing a big race–you feel like you should be totally recovered and rested up since it’s been a whole week, but you’re obviously not since it’s only been a week.  Plus you’re kind of sad that the event you spent so much time training for is over.

Anyway, I took Monday as a rest day because my achilles was still hurting (I’m confident it’ll feel normal after I spend a little quality time with my foam roller, so no worries) and because I ran on my normal Sunday rest day.

And my new workout of the summer…is … …STAIR CLIMBING.  The elevator in the parking garage where I park at school (on the 6th floor, I might add) is down all summer.  Pretty soon you’ll be able to recognize us lowly graduate students by our power quads and buns of steel.


What’s one thing you did over the weekend?
How many floors will make you opt for the elevator?


14 thoughts on “Wedding weekend and my new summer workout

  1. Dancing definitely counts! I love that picture of you guys from the wedding! You look gorgeous!

    I usually take the stairs anyway because elevators kind of freak me out, but I’d say maybe 15? Luckily I don’t have to go into very tall buildings all that often.

    • Well thanks!

      15 FLOORS?! Wow! I had to stop after 4 floors and get the bottle of water out of my book bag for a drink break (to be fair, the stairwell was really hot). I would need a camelback to make it up 15 flights.

  2. That’s a long time for an elevator be down for repairs! I take the stairs when I can but probably after 6 flights I’d definitely take the elevator.

  3. I went to a wedding last weekend too. At least 3 of my other Facebook friends also got married on the 31st! Crazy! Also, I just had a flashback to when I finished my marathon and had a case of the blues for about a month after. It was such a big goal that I worked towards for months. Once I accomplished it, I didn’t know what to do next.

  4. I remember in college when we had to climb 3 flights of stairs (no elevator available) to our dorm room. I swear, after that year, I had the best legs EVER! haha.

  5. Awwww cutie patooties!! LOL I love your workout contributions. Mine are very similar when I workout with Kyle 😉 LOL just think about your awesome legs and ass at the end of the summer. I almost always take the stairs unless I’m injured. 7 floors would prob be my max. And I would take the elevator if I was running late and it was already on the ground floor.

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