National Running Day and a running survey

Happy National Running Day!!

Flashback to the CLM relay in March—oh the days of running in long sleeves.1506749_10203565559203825_744130241_n

Did you run today?!

I didn’t and probably won’t.  I haven’t felt like running since the marathon and don’t want to push it…yet..I’ll give it another week.  In the meantime, I’m taking advantage of the “I want to exercise but mehhh on running” to STRENGTH TRAIN–something that I dislike (though it doesn’t sound so bad now) and always skimp on.

I started the strength train thing yesterday morning at the rec center: 5 minutes on the AMT,  4 x (5 min arms, 5 min legs–mostly glutes), 5 min abs, 15 min on AMT.  My arms are feeling it today.

There is a cheap local trail 5k going on tonight that I ran last year…I thought about running it again, but I’m in no way ready to run a race tonight, so I selfishly hope it’s rained out and rescheduled (like it was last year).  It’s pouring right now and I’m cheering it on.

Since I’m not running today, I thought I would celebrate this holiday by creating a fun running survey. I hope you play along.

  1. Why did you start running?
    I marched the Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA, my senior year of high school with my marching band, and we were encouraged to endurance train for the 7 mile event carrying our instruments (trombone for me).
    I had never run for fun but was familiar with the idea of running for fun because I grew up with a runner dad, so I gave it a try.  My first run was down the street and back (it was hard and slower than current marathon pace), but I gradually worked myself up to one mile and then two miles and so on.  I’m still amazed that I stuck with it.
  2. What is one race on your bucket list?
    The Boston Marathon!  I qualified for 2013, but the race filled up and I wasn’t able to get in, so re-qualifying and running it is an eventual goal.
  3. Do you log your miles or keep a training journal?
    Yes, and rather intensely.  I have two training logs: one (here from Amazon) is for details (mile splits, how I felt, time of day, weather, etc) and one (a printed excel calendar/spreadsheet created by my dad) for an overall month-view of miles and times.
  4. You wake up to run and look outside: it’s raining.  What do you do?
    If I’m meeting friends, run in the rain.  If I’m running alone and it’s POURING, drive to the gym if I have extra time, fit in a workout later, or skip it.  But if it’s only raining a little bit, it’s refreshing.
  5. Most recent running injury that’s kept you out for a week or more?
    A really tight butt muscle after a half marathon last November.  Before that, probably the time that I sneezed and pulled an ab…
  6. Favorite kind of cross training?
    If I’m injured, pool running.  After I get over feeling like an awkward synchronized swimmer wannabe, pool running is oddly enjoyable and a TOUGH workout.
  7. What’s the weirdest race experience you’ve ever had?
    Hm (I say ‘hm’ like I didn’t write the question).  Once I ran a 5k with 4 total runners.  The course wasn’t marked very clearly, so the four of us worked together to figure out which way to go.
  8. Any pre- or post-race rituals?
    Not particularly.  I like to rehash the details and swap race stories with other friends/family that ran it.  I also like to drink pop.  If my dad wasn’t there, I’ll call him to give him the race report.
  9. What do you do with your bib numbers? Medals?
    My bib numbers are taped to my wall, and my medals are in a glass jar on my dresser.  Special medals from especially memorable races are hanging from a hook on my closet door.
  10. Name two running goals.
    BQ again and run a sub-1:40 half (my PR is 1:40:09)

Did you run today?
Answer any/all of the questions!


17 thoughts on “National Running Day and a running survey

  1. I did run today! (6 miles) and I love your questions too. Let’s see…

    1) Because I was bored of the elliptical at the gym and just wanted to see if I could run a mile.
    2) Boston and I want to run on the Great Wall.
    3) Log them on Garmin Connect.
    4) Depends on if it’s a work day. If it’s a Saturday I go running in it. If it’s a work day, I go on the treadmill.
    5) Peroneal tendonitis.
    6) Yoga!
    7) I was running in a 10K last year and a homeless guy was on the course trying to hit all the runners with a giant branch.
    8) Post race: I must go to Starbucks and get the most giant coffee I can order.
    9) My bibs are in a holiday gift bag right now. (I really need a bibfolio). My medals are either hanging on my medal rack or if it’s an award it’s on my dresser in my closet. (My closet is like another room.)
    10) Same as yours except your half PR is a little faster than mine. 🙂

  2. Yes – 5.8 miles with the sunrise today!

    1) All of my Utah friends had run a half marathon. I had just turned 30 and decided I needed to cross that off my bucket list ASAP.
    2) Ditto on the Boston marathon.
    3) Everything goes magically from my Garmin to Garmin connect.
    4) I totally agree with your answer.
    5) Foot tendonitis.
    6) Strength training
    7) All of my races have been pretty normal so far – which is probably good for racing but bad for humorous anecdotes!
    8) Not really. Just need to have the longest, hottest shower possible once I’m done.
    9) Bibs get trashed. Medals are hanging in my closet right now.
    10) Finish my first marathon! Then work on getting a BQ.

  3. What? You ran a 5k race with 4 people??? I love that you had to work together to find the course. That is too funny!

  4. I did an easy 5k while watching Breaking Bad on the treadmill then some strength stuff during the rest of the episode- haha that’s how I stayed motivated to do strength, I was like okay I can finish the episode if I do squats/lunges/planks for the last 25 minutes. My injury that took me out for a while was when I was in the boot 😦

    • haha I’m the same way with strength stuff after running! Back when I was watching DH, I told myself that I had to stretch and do a few planks during every episode (it lasted 1 episode)

  5. Good questions, K!
    1. There wasn’t really a moment I started running. Karen definitely motivated me to increase mileage!
    2. Triathlon and full marathon.
    3. No.
    4. I rarely run in the rain. I like your answer though!
    5. Torn ACL February ’13. It was only partially torn, but still a long, difficult recovery.
    6. Hmm. Maybe mountain biking! I like most kinds of exercise, though.
    7. I tried to eat a Builder bar (aka big protein bar) during my first half marathon. I took one bite and realized I couldn’t swallow. I had to throw the bar away. Funny to think back to that race.
    8. Re-tie my shoes. I don’t usually tie my shoes before running, but I always re-tie them before racing.
    9. Keep them for like a week, then throw them both away.
    10. Run a 3:30 marathon. That’s the only running goal right now.

  6. Aww I love #1! You’re totally going to BQ again soon. I just know it! Sorry for laughing at your injury, but I can’t help it when you say “really tight butt muscle!” PAHAHA 4 runners for a 5K?? That sounds fun actually (since you all were working together).

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