week recap

Two things first:

  1. Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads, including mine!  We celebrated him by hanging out all weekend.  Lots of cards and lots of Doritos.  And, of course, a father-daughter workout on Sunday morning.
  2. And HAPPY 30th ANNIVERSARY to my parents!  Love you both!

I went home to Ohio last Wednesday to see my family and a few friends before summer classes started (they start this week), so I’ll skim through some of the exciting parts of the week:

I arrived Wednesday afternoon in time to meet my college friend Sam, who was in town, for a Reds game!  I hadn’t seen her since graduation(?), so it was wonderful to catch up on the past two years and watch baseball (…but mostly talk).  My sister, dad, brother, and brother’s friend Kevin joined us for the game–and the Reds won!IMAG1049

While I was home, I also went shopping with my mom (she bought a really cute maxi dress!), visited my friend Stephanie, got most of my hair cut off, had a photo shoot with my sibs, and had a few good workouts.

My strategy on getting your hair cut: get a lot cut off so that you only need to get it cut a couple of times a year.  I went a little overboard so it’s a bit shorter than I wanted…I can’t even put it all up in a ponytail…but I’m getting used to it, and it’s SUPER easy.  I can blow dry my hair in less than one minute now!  And as an added bonus, it’s not as fro-tastic as I was nervous it would be when she finished cutting it.  The obligatory “all of the children are home, let’s take a picture” picture:DSCN1784

I mentioned this briefly earlier, but last week my right knee started hurting toward the end of a 7 mile run, so I’ve been icing and cross-training since then to let it heal.  I’ve never really had knee pain before, so I’m guessing/hoping that it’s just leftover from the marathon and will fix itself soon.  Here’s my week of fitness, (mostly) sans running:
Mon: 20 min arms & abs; 35 min AMT (steady state)
Tues: 3 mile run (stopped because my knee hurt); pm yoga class with Andrea
Wed: 30 min plyo circuit
Thurs: 60 min AMT (intervals)
Fri: 40 min arms, abs & glutes; 45 AMT (steady state)
Sat: 60 min AMT (intervals + steady)
Sun: 60 min circuit workout with Dad (sets of: lunges, push ups, bicycle crunches, leg lifts, plank, bridges, curtsy lunge + squat, tri dips)

Last baseball game you went to?
Do you prefer your hair long or short?


12 thoughts on “week recap

  1. Your hair is very cute! I definitely prefer mine long but I’m always jealous of people who look better with short hair. Last baseball game I went to was probably 3-4 years ago! I’m a football girl through and through. We used to go to a few games each year but stopped when we stopped getting free tickets from my brother’s unused season tickets 😉

      • Sadly no free football, brother gives free baseball tiks but I’m not the biggest baseball fan. It’s fun 2-3x a year to use ones he can’t though! We have to get our own football tickets but I’m obsessed with football inside and out.

  2. AWWW love the new hair!! You can totally pull off short hair (I cannot- so I prefer long hair on me)! Love the father-daughter workouts 🙂 I was going to say you look a lot like your dad (from the first photo) and then I saw the one with both parents and you look like both of them haha! Happy belated anniversary to your fab parents!! You and your siblings are the cutest things ever!

  3. Your whole family is so cute! Happy anniversary to your parents and I love your hair!
    Ugh this knee garbage has got to stop for the both of us. How are you feeling today? Mine is like a million times worse when I’m running hills.

    I just went to the ball game the other weekend! I love it. And my hair is always long. I wish I could pull off short hair like you can!

    • Thanks!
      Yeah, this knee ordeal needs to stop. I haven’t tried to RUN run for a week now, but it was hurting a little bit during the run sections of the circuit workout on Sunday (~2 miles total), so I’m transferring all runs to the elliptical until further notice..

  4. I love your hair! I prefer long for myself…until I decide I need it short, hack it off and hate it for awhile haha

  5. Love your hair cut! I am the same way with very infrequent cuts– less expensive 😉 Before I started cutting it myself, I probably went once every 9-12 months. Hellooooo split ends!

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