books books books and more cross training

A teeny library arrived in the mail today!

Has anyone read any of these?  I got the entire load from Better World Books for less than $30…and promoted literacy!  For each book you buy from this website, a book is donated to someone in need through non-profit organizations.  Better World Books also gives a portion of every book purchase to nonprofit literacy partners.  With charitable outcomes like that, I don’t even feel bad about being the compulsive clearance book buyer that I am.

The package came at a perfect time though.  I was having a sad day because my phone randomly stopped working (it’s kind of old I’m due for an upgrade), but my phone carrier’s nearest store is 3 hours away, so I took it to a different phone store, who couldn’t do anything except set me up with an entirely new phone plan, which I declined.  Long story short: phone drama and I’m currently flying phoneless. It’s odd to think that cell phones are a relatively new norm because I feel anxious and lost in the wilderness without one (*as I facebook chat with my mom and Skype with Ryan*).

The other good part of my day was yoga with Andrea!  Andrea has done plenty of yoga and convinced me to take a Tues/Thurs evening class with her all summer (convinced me= “Andrea, are you taking yoga this summer?  I want to join you.”)–I was inspired by Lauren’s yoga story as well.  It’s a beginner class, so I am keeping up okay…although if we spent any more time in downward dog, I would have faceplanted because we were seriously there forever, and my shoulders were shaking.IMAG1048

I’m still taking a break from running until my right knee feels 100% normal, so I’ve been rolling out my quads and IT band daily…so painful!  I think my IT band actually cried tears of pain today within 10 seconds of touching the foam roller.  I’ve also moved my “mileage” inside to my favorite cardio machine, the AMT:
This morning, I did intervals of :30 hard, :30 easy and :40 hard, :20 easy.  This machine is perfectly placed directly in front of a large window wall, so as long as the sun isn’t shining in your eyes, an hour on the AMT is tolerable…even kind of enjoyable.

When’s the last time you had to go phoneless for more than 2 days?
Go-to song on your playlist right now?


14 thoughts on “books books books and more cross training

  1. I don’t use my phone that much at all, but my computer is a different story. I haven’t read any of those books but I’m officially jealous of you getting to read so many books for fun! I have until probably November until I’ll be reading for fun again with all this work and it’s a big fat downer.

  2. OMG my shoulders always feel so weak in downward dog! I see other yogis just chillin in downward dog and I’m like WTF HOW ARE THEY NOT ABOUT TO FALL OVER LIKE ME?! Glad you and I suffer the same problems. ha!

  3. I went phone-less for like 20 minutes once and it was one of the most anxious times of my life. 🙂
    I ran this morning and now I’m taking a break for a couple days. Aside from a 5K I have on Saturday it’s cross training only until next Tuesday at the earliest. The bike is my friend and this knee pain can suck it.

    YAY yoga class! Those down dogs get easier with time. 🙂

    • Happy to hear from a regular yogi that it gets easier!

      Look at you with those post-marathon 5ks!! How long can I refer to training time as post-marathon? ..a month? I plan to stretch it as long as I can.

      I ran 3ish miles today (broken up with strength moves) with no knee pain! We’ll have healthy knees soon!

  4. Yay for books! I’ve read She’s Come Undone and it’s really good, a little dark (but all Wally Lamb’s books are) but definitely a good read! I hate being phone less, it drives me crazy! I hope your knee gets back to normal soon, injuries suck 😦 I’ve been running and yoga-ing this week so far and loving the sweat fest it’s been 🙂 I can completely sympathize with the shaking shoulders- my yoga class yesterday had A LOT of down dogs too. Also, I’m still stuck on my Miley and Will.I.Am song, Fall Down…it’s been over a year but it makes me happy!

    • I haven’t read anything by Wally Lamb, but if you and Oprah like it, I’m sure I will too!
      YES on the sweat fest…though I was sweating in the air-conditioned yoga room, and yours was outside in the heat! yikes

  5. Yayyyy for trying yoga! Once I have more money I want to try a class! LOVE that you supported that charity and got books! I don’t even know if I’ve gone 2 days without my phone. I went to Europe for a month and couldn’t text or call with it unless I was connect to WiFi. Does that count? 😉

  6. Ohhhh my goodness! I have never heard of Better World Books before, but I just checked it out and I LOVE the concept.
    I am a voracious reader and my dream in life is to have a massive wall to wall library, but books add up so aside from book sales I usually stick to the library. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Let me know how Reconstructing Amelia is! I almost bought that book to read. I’m currently between books, just finished Dark Places and attempting to build up the courage to read The Fault in Our Stars (because I don’t want to ugly cry through the whole thing).

    Also, I have been barely running for this half marathon we signed up for…. -_- BUT I am really looking forward to that weekend with you ladies!

    • Hi Liv!! I’ll have to bump Reconstructing Amelia to the top of my list. I’ve heard it’s kind of like Gone Girl (same author as Dark Places!) Oh man, The Fault in Our Stars! I think I cried more during the movie than the book, but both are emotional.

      Same about the half marathon. I’m getting through IT band syndrome right now, so I’m hoping to be able to run by then.. We’ll see!

      Good to hear from you!

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