Friday Five: Five things about me

I’m baaack!

What do you write about when you have a running blog but aren’t running…and instead you’re catching up on Pretty Little Liars in between reading articles for summer classes?  I’m not sure, so I didn’t.  But I’ll try today with a Friday Five link up hosted by Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney: Five things about me

1. I kill spiders with my bare hands because my aim is better without a tissue.  BUT if its body is big enough to make an audible crunch when I smash it, tissue all the way.

2. My college dorm gave out superlatives, and I got “Goody Two-Shoes” both years I lived there.  I bet my parents were proud to hear that one..

3. I am directionally-challenged to the max, and exploring a brand new city alone sounds like a horror story.  I’d rather kill a crunchy spider bare-handed than navigate a confusing detour (note: all detours are confusing).

4. I don’t like rereading books or rewatching movies because I don’t want to relive the sad/bad parts.  It’s like knowing an impending doom and not being able to stop the characters from meeting it.

5. This is how I organize and plan my strength workouts:
When I find a good (and realistic…seriously) workout on a blog or pinterest, I write it on a little piece of paper and stick it in my gym bag.  On non-running days at the gym, I sift through the papers to find something appealing.  I think giving myself an option helps me get excited about the workout.

And since I haven’t been running, I’ve been using that pile of papers for my workouts, and they’re kind of fun!  Fortunately, my knee feels okay for burpees and for running short distances.
Sun: Rest
Mon: Rest
Tues: 3 x (run 5 min, 15 tri dips, 15 curtsy lunge+squat, 20 push ups, 20 leg lifts, 20 ab, 20 bridges, 60 sec plank, 20 supermans, 5 burpees); pm yoga
Wed: 7 x (5min AMT, 5 burpees, 10 push ups, 10 fire hydrants/leg, 60 sec plank, 10 tri dips)
Thurs: 3 x (5 min AMT, 25 squats, 25 bridges, 40 sec wall sit, 20 back lunge+kick) with 5 burpees between each move; pm yoga
Fri: same circuit as Tues

Final note: my super short hair has graduated to only needing a medium-sized headband and 2 bobby pins to (mostly) stay up!  I am living for the return of curly hair’s glory moment: the 5-second messy bun.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
Highest number of burpees you’ve ever done in a row?


14 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five things about me

  1. I’m directionally challenged too! I remember printing out directions from google maps before I had a GPS and ALWAYS getting lost. Thank goodness for smart phones! My iPhone got me around both NYC and Boston without any problem. I’m too dependent on technology now 🙂

  2. Holy brave! Come kill my spiders for me, I’m so the opposite and try to put as much between me and them as possible. And if it is large, I’m throwing things at it rather than risk getting close enough that I might accidentally touch it…

  3. I knocked a spider down the other day in front of a friend and her teen age daughter – I think they freaked out!!!
    I think my max # of burpees straight through with no breaks is 50. (I love burpees.)

  4. LOL crackin me up as usual! 1) I almost always have to use a tissue but it’s the worst feeling in the world when you lift up that tissue and don’t see a squished spider…panic attack! 2) HAHAHA LOVE IT! That’s how I’ve always been 🙂 3) We should never ever ever drive anywhere together without a third person to help navigate. I couldn’t find my way out of a paper bag. And LOL I wish I could have short curly hair and look as cute as you! I’ve always wanted that 5-sec messy bun but my bun requires reinforcements in the form of a secret hidden clip to help hold ‘er up.

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