Running Update

I went to my chiropractor today to figure out the deal with my knee.

Back story:
-I ran a marathon at the end of May
-Two weeks later, I felt a stabbing pain on the side of my right knee at the end of a 7-miler
-The stabbing pain has persisted for ~4 weeks.  I’ve decreased my mileage down to like 6 miles a week (only to test out running and see if it still hurts…it does), and I’ve cross-trained instead.
-There is a massive knot in my right quad that my foam roller and I painfully coax daily.


ITBS, or Iliotibial Band Syndrome.  Also known as one of the most common running injuries..that I’ve never had the pleasure of encountering until now.  Basically my IT band is inflamed near my knee, probably caused by weak hips that force my knee to turn inward with the running motion.  After so many repetitions of that motion, the IT band gets irritated.  He told me that according to the current research on ITBS, most people respond really well to the lateral band walking exercise:

He said that it typically takes around 4 weeks to strengthen up and run again, but to be honest, I haven’t minded this injury all that much.  It’s one of the best times of year to not be running–heat, swampy sticky humidity, and needing to run in the wee hours of the morning to avoid wanting to die.  Plus, I’m still able to cross-train, which is a huge sanity-saver during any sort of injury.  It’s been fun to create and do different circuit-style workouts, and I have plenty of room in my schedule right now to add in the time it takes to drive to and from the gym.  But hopefully I’ll be good to go in 4 weeks in order to keep the option of a late fall marathon open.

We turned this trip to the chiropractor a father-daughter afternoon because my dad and I had back-to-back appointments and then went to Skyline for lunch.


And here is a cuter picture of a family of ducks spotted at the park:

And now I’m off to enjoy the 4th.  Have a happy holiday weekend!

Plans for the 4th?
Do you like fireworks?


12 thoughts on “Running Update

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  2. Aw that sucks, injuries are the worst. Hope you’re feeling better soon and hope your fourth was awesome!

  3. First of all, I am sorry you are injured, that plain one sucks and is aweful!
    As far as a time if year to be injured, i 120% agree with you!!! I may be from Florida but I am not a fan running in the heat and humidity. If I have to be injured I want it to happen this time of year!

    You rehab the crud out of that injury girl 🙂

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