Camping round 2

This weekend flew by.  I’ll recap fitness from last week and then move on to more fun things, like camping!

After getting lost and accidentally running longer than I planned to last weekend, my right knee hurt for the rest of the day on Sunday but felt fine by Monday.  I’ve been really diligent about rolling, stretching, and strengthening my hips over the past week to get rid of the knee pain, but I haven’t tried to run more than a few miles since then.
Mon: rest
Tues: 60 min AMT: 4 x 4-min intervals, 5 x 1:30-min intervals; pm yoga
Wed: 60 min circuit: 5 x (5-min AMT + 10 min strength)
Thurs: 60 min circuit: 5 x (1/2 mile run + 10 min strength)–this was a good circuit, so I might have to share it later.  I added kettleball swings for the first time and was amazed by how hard they are!
Fri: 60 min AMT; arms
Sat: 60 min circuit: 3 x (run 1 mile + 8 min strength)

A good week of fitness with a lot of strength workouts.  I’m feeling optimistic about running soon with no knee pain.

Now to more exciting things.  Ryan and I went camping this weekend!  We camped once last summer, but other than that, my camping experience is limited to a cabin or someone’s backyard.  This time, we met up with his close group of friends at a campground in Illinois and had a fabulous time.

We packed up the car on Saturday morning and headed out to meet with two other friends with whom we were carpooling.  It poured and poured and POURED when we got to their apartments, so Ryan changed into his swimsuit to pack up the cars.  He got soaked running from car to car to move everything into one trunk.  I would say he took one for the team, but I think he enjoyed it.  We were all pumped up for splashfest2014, tent-style, but the rain completely cleared up by the time we got to the campsite.

Once all eight of us arrived, we ate lunch and set up our tents, and then we went swimming at the lake…or talking on the sand with fellow friends who are grossed out by lake water (*raises hand*).  Then we 4

We all hung out for the rest of the day–grilled hotdogs & burgers, played frisbee, talked, ate watermelon…photo 5

And stayed up late talking, roasting marshmallows, and playing Taboo by headlamp.  My s’more count this summer is almost as large the number of bug bites on my left foot right now! (20?)

Hope you had a great weekend!

Tent, cabin, or hotel?
Any good runs this weekend?


9 thoughts on “Camping round 2

  1. Yay I love camping but haven’t been in forever. I’m also jealous of your s’mores total, my is zero. I got in a run Saturday morning but was having tummy issues so had to stop for the bathroom twice, gross.

  2. TENT!! I love camping. When I moved to California I drove across the country for 9 days and stayed in hotels a couple times just to get showers, but mostly I camped. It was such an awesome adventure! I haven’t been in forever!

    I’m sorry your knee was hurting after your run, but it sounds like you are definitely on the mend. I’ve had enough of these injuries!

    It looks like a blast this weekend!

  3. I went camping this weekend too!! It was in tents, there were no bathrooms, and it rained haha! Pretty gross. My family used to camp every year, but we haven’t been in a long time. I never enjoyed myself back then, but this weekend’s trip was very relaxing! Gotta love getting away from it all 🙂

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  5. Oh my gosh, how much fun!

    While I’m a pretty outdoorsy person, after a day of hiking/mountain biking/what have you, I adore sleeping in a bed and a hot shower haha. That being said, camping with friends, is SO much stinkin fun! What a great way to spend the weekend!

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