Sleepy weekend and Balanced app

So that was a weird weekend.  I’m usually not good at sitting still–I walk around while I study, pause Netflix every few minutes to “get something really quick,” change positions every 5 minutes when I read, and apparently fidget while sitting in class (I’ve been called The Bobblehead?..).  This weekend though, I got hit with a tidal wave of exhaustion…the precise degree of tiredness occurred to me when I contemplated spitting out a half-eaten cookie because chewing the rest simply seemed to hard.

So instead of tackling Mission: Decorate Apartment, I ordered a few pictures from Shutterfly, took like ten naps, and read a whole book.  I’m convinced that I had mild West Nile Virus from one of the countless mosquito bites I got from camping the weekend before, but I am also somewhat dramatic when it comes to illness, so who knows.  According to the internet, slight cases of West Nile get better on their own, but no matter what I had, the important part is that now I am back to normal.

After a meeting on campus first thing this morning, I went to the rec center for a workout, and it felt so good to move and sweat after being stationary for the whole weekend.  I did a “ladder run” on the AMT: 10 min easy, 2 x (1min hard+1 min easy, 2 min hard+1 min easy, …5 min hard+1 min easy), 10 min easy.  Followed by some hip strengthening at home with a resistance band.

During my time on the couch, I downloaded a new app called Balanced.   Balanced helps you form habits by setting a goal for each activity of x times per day/week/month/year.  You swipe right each time you complete the activity and earn “points” that unlock new features of the app. I chose four goal activities from the list of predetermined topics (though you can write your own if you’re feeling creative): study, read, yoga/stretching, go for a walk.
The “go for a walk” that happened 10 minutes ago is actually a lie because I accidentally swiped right…you earn the option to undo a swipe by completing tasks (um weird), but I haven’t gotten enough points yet.

It also sends you gentle reminders, which is nice…or not…depending on if you like when your phone tells you what to do.

I mostly downloaded this app for motivation to stretch & strengthen twice a day to fix my hips & IT band so that I can run again, but I’ve also been using it to feel good and accomplished from fun reading.

Do you use any productivity apps?
Can you sit still or are you a fidgeter/pacer?


6 thoughts on “Sleepy weekend and Balanced app

  1. HAHA I am so glad you have recovered from your mild west nile 😉 And that app looks amazing! I am obsessed with anything productivity related so that sounds right up my alley! I esp like the reminders… hilarious that it tells you that you should “think about” doing something soon. haha love it!

  2. I need that app in my life immediately. I’m always so all over the place and could use a little reminding. I’m also borrowing your ladder workout for today. 🙂

    Your weekend sounds glorious. Naps and reading a whole book? My idea of heaven right now!

  3. That’s a neat app!

    You MUST teach me your AMT ways! I just can’t get that machine to work on my own haha

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