Pictures on a morning run

Today is rainy and gloomy, so I’m going to take us all on a photo tour of my run yesterday morning!  It was an exceptionally beautiful morning…and I took my phone with me (lesson learned).

<Quick injury update> 
With IT band syndrome, the pain usually comes after a certain number of strides/distance, and it’s okay to run as long as you stay under your “threshold.”  Basically, figure out how many miles you can go before you start hurting, and stop before that point.  Right now for me, it’s somewhere between 5 to 7 miles–though hopefully this number is increasing with the hip & glute strengthening I’ve been doing!!  I’ll write a post on the strength moves later–So I went 4 miles.

Since we can’t feel humidity through pictures, I’ll throw in a little imagery: It was as you were chasing a space heater through a tunnel of wet paper towels.  Now that we’re nice and sweaty, here we go!

I started the run on a peaceful path, punctuated by frog 1FUN FACT: Walmart is literally a quarter mile to the left of this trail.

I continued down the trail, alongside a patch of heavy fog hovering in the 2Kind of looks like an enormous spider web. …or a ghost!  Good thing I brought my phone.  (Who you gonna call?…)

photo 3
Another floating body of fog

photo 4
I turned off the trail and onto a bridge…right SMACK into this sunrise, which is extra illuminated by the bog below it.

photo 5
After two miles out, I turned around to head home and approached two deer.  I stopped, they stopped, and we all looked at each other.  I slowly maneuvered my phone out of the plastic bag I was carrying it in for sweat-protection and snapped a few pictures before they ran off.

All of that nature in only four miles.  Also- no pain during the run or later that day. 🙂

If you run with your phone: How do you keep it dry?
Would you rather run (or walk) at sunrise or sunset?


18 thoughts on “Pictures on a morning run

  1. Nice pics 🙂 Looks lovely where you run! I resorted in a tiny plastic bag once because I’d left my arm band at home. I don’t really like my armband because Its too small and I cant whip my phone out for photos as fast! Plus it doesn’t protect it well enough – but it was a cheap one!

  2. WOW. Those trails are so pretty! I put my phone in a plastic baggie and in my sports bra 🙂 unless I’m listening to music, then I wear it in my armband! (I agree with Kerrie- I don’t like putting it in the armband unless I’m NOT going to take pics, it’s way too hard to take in and out!)

  3. Wow, it is so super beautiful! That fog is amazing. And how wonderful you saw some deer! I use a FlipBelt, which I LOVE and swear by and I’ve never had a problem with my phone getting sweaty in it. If I take money or a credit card, though, I put those in a ziploc bag then in the fuel belt, so some poor cashier isn’t super grossed out by soggy money for my coffee!! ha ha

  4. Yay no pain! I love these pictures. You can totally tell how humid it was from that random ghost fog. 🙂 I run with my phone every time just in case I have an emergency. I carry it in my SPI Belt which isn’t waterproof. Probably not the smartest move.

  5. Yay for no pain! I love seeing animals on my runs, even though I usually only see bunnies and chipmunks.

  6. I never knew that about IT Bandy Syndrom, how interesting. I’d love to read about the strength training you are doing so I can steal yo moves 🙂

    I don’t run with my phone – maybe not the safest strategy but… the drawback is I never have the mid-run pictures that I adore on blogs and Instagram!

  7. Love the picture documentation of your run. 🙂 I run with my phone in my ‘running fanny-pack’ and I’ve never had issues keeping it sweat-free!

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