Weekending with Ryan and Karen

Summer semester is finished, so I’m now a 3rd year grad student (!!)–two years down, two to go.  Our last week of summer class was held at a retirement community, where we did hearing screenings and led discussion groups for the residents in the community.  It was fun and rewarding to work with the senior population…they have so many life experiences to share!

Now I have a few weeks of freedom to visit friends and spend time with my family before fall clinic and classes start, so Ryan visited over the weekend to begin Social Cram ’14.

He brought me a bag of veggies from his garden, and this tomato and cucumber were too perfect not to make into Bob and Larry. I played with the veggies while Ryan did actual work.
photo 3
Meet Bob and Larry.  We had a ridiculous amount of fun taking pictures of them.

Larry just couldn’t sit still during our photo shoot.  photo 5

Bob and Larry visit the graveyard. photo 3

We ate Bob and replaced him with a Reese’s.photo 1

Though clearly Ryan and I know how to party, we also had fun without personifying our food.  We:

  • Went to Q’doba for a late dinner and saw someone playing a colorful piano set up outside the library with a play me sign.  Most of what he played sounded like improv…so so good. I am in awe of anyone who can just sit and play an instrument.

See the piano?photo 1photo 2

  • On Friday, we joined a group of senior citizens for Euchre night!!  (My friend Hannah and I saw a sign for it earlier in the week and asked the receptionist if anyone could come.)  We played Euchre for three hours with some pretty cool people…though my Euchre skills were seriously humbled by their 80+ years of card playing experience.
  • Ryan and I ate three sandwiches on Friday, ending with a 10:00pm Penn Station Philly Cheesesteak on the floor of my living room.  I think we were too tired to make it to the table?  This was after a looooong day in downtown Indianapolis followed by a few hours of meet & greet & Euchre.  Equal parts tired and hungry.

photo 1

  • Continuing with the sandwich theme but taking one step toward healthy, Ryan and I used the home-grown veggies for sandwiches on Saturday–we tried to clean out my fridge instead of buying groceries–success!  We also ate them in omelettes, banana-egg scrambles (that was all him), and raw with humus.  I’m not sure I had ever enjoyed eating a tomato until I tried one from his garden!  Yum.
  • We spent most of Saturday reading these books:
    My friend Morgan sent me Wild in the mail, and Ryan borrowed it.  I’m reading Night Circus, which I am in love with so far.

Weekend fitness:
Friday: 60 min AMT (6 x 4min hard, 10 x :30 hard); quick arms
Saturday: 60 min circuit: 4 x (5 min AMT + 10 min strength)
Sunday: rest

Did you do anything fun over the weekend?
If you saw a random piano with a “play me” sign on it….would you play it??


12 thoughts on “Weekending with Ryan and Karen

  1. Hahahahaha the only thing better than home-grown vegetables are home-grown vegetables with personalities 🙂

    That piano is seriously the coolest thing! As a kid I would have loved playing on it. As a semi-kid I would love to watch kids play on it AND love to listen to people who actually know how to play!
    And for the record: heck yes I’d “play” it haha.

    Enjoy your break, you’ve sure earned it!

  2. I would totally play it! I played piano for a looooong time throughout elem & middle school! Hopefully I could still remember a few songs 🙂 Also: congrats on finishing up another year!!! woooooo!

  3. I can’t stop laughing! Especially at the part about replacing Bob with a Reeses. You guys are hysterical. 🙂

    That sounds like such a perfectly relaxing weekend. I wish I could sit down and read a book! Congrats on finishing up the semester, you 3rd year grad student, you!

    • haha! Ryan and I laughed so hard at the pictures of Larry going CRAZY–just like his personality.
      We also took a pretty great picture of me holding Larry next to the cucumber Ryan was peeling, but I wasn’t sure if getting skinned alive was appropriate blog content…

  4. I can’t play any instruments but would love that! I read the Night Circus and thought it was pretty good, not my usual read but good!

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