New shoes and a sister date

Hello and happy AUGUST! I spent the week at my parents’ house in Ohio, but now I’m back at school and packing up for tomorrow morning–Andrea, Bre, and I are flying to Colorado for summer camp!  Ha, it’s a cross between a conference (seminars & workshops) and a summer camp (hiking & playing outside with your friends), so it should be a good time.

Since last post’s riddle was a hit (check the comments if you want the answer), I have another one for you.  This happens to be my favorite riddle:

There are 3 light switches outside of the closet, but only one of them turns on the lightbulb inside.  You need to figure out which switch turns the lightbulb on, but you may only open the door to check ONE time.  How do you do it?


Now, on to running.  The pelvic realignment on Monday was like a miracle cure (so far) for the IT band/lateral knee pain I had for 7 weeks.  I ran three times this week, including a 7-miler yesterday, and aside from some popping, my knee felt totally fine–knock on wood.  The rest of me thought that the run was brutal, but that’s completely okay because the endurance and speed will come with a few more weeks of running.  Yay!

To celebrate running, I bought these bright Mizuno Wave Riders.  I’m switching from stability shoes to neutral shoes because after the pelvic readjustment, both the PT and the running store owner watched me walk again and suggested neutral.  I am not sure what happened to my pronation, but these shoes look fast, so it’s all 3

On the days I didn’t run this week, I did my other favorite at home workout: the garage circuit.

What you need for a 5-star garage circuit workout: a big open space, a water bottle, music, a large towel, a small towel (the sweat wiper), a rug for extra support, and a list of strength/plyometric moves.  Bonus if you live on a secluded street and no one sees you do awkward moves like the “dog peeing on fire hydrant” glute exercise.

I filled in the rest of my time at home with furniture shopping (hellloooo Ikea), reading, and hanging out.  My sister Laura gave me this Coke Zero bottle:photo 4
#ShareaCake with Karen.  (#shewontshareback #AllMine)
Drink it or display it?

Laura and I met my friend Stephanie and her sister Lauren for a sister double date in OTR, a newly revitalized neighborhood of 1

We walked around for a bit and then had dinner at The Eagle, per Steph & Lauren’s recommendation.  This place is known for their friend chicken, so Laura and I shared fried chicken and a fancy grilled cheese.  I don’t think I have ever voluntarily ordered fried chicken or grilled cheese, but they were both 4
I think the four of us could all pass as sisters, probably because we’re all curly.

On our way home, Laura and I couldn’t decide whether we were still hungry after eating the fried chicken and grilled cheese, so we got ice cream…because nothing follows a greasy, cheesy dinner like ice cream.  Laura got pineapple (“this is a good choice because it’s like eating fruit”), and I got a soft-serve vanilla & Blue Moo twist (“this is a good choice because it’s kind of watery, and I’m thirsty”).

I think that Blue Moo is UDF’s version of Blue Moon.  Does anyone know what flavor Blue Moon is?  It kind of tastes like fruit loops. photo-15

Let me tell you about the horror story called this ice cream cone.  I took the wrapper off as soon as I got into Laura’s car (bad choice), and the bottom inch of the cone came with it.  My ONLY OPTION was to suck the ice cream out of the quarter-sized hole on the bottom of the cone and use my lower lip to plug the bottom of the cone when I swallowed.  Remember how I said the ice cream was watery?  It was a delicious disaster, and I got blue drips everywhere.  Sorry about your car, Laura.

You have all the flavors to choose from…which ice cream do you pick?  Cup or cone?


11 thoughts on “New shoes and a sister date

  1. Turn on Switch #1 for a minute or so. Turn it off. Turn on Switch #2. Go into the closet. Check the light.

    Light off and warm: Switch #1
    Light on: Switch #2
    Light off and cool: Switch #3

  2. I’ve heard this riddle before, but can’t remember the answer.

    I LOVE your new shoes! So colorful!

    We had Blue Moon in our college cafeteria and I always wanted to like it, but I just didn’t. Too bad because I love blue 🙂 If I could choose any flavor, I would probably pick mint chocolate chip!

  3. Love your new Mizuno’s, they’re so cute! Also, sister dates are the best, I gone on tons 🙂 My favorite ice cream flavor is (and always will be) good old vanilla.

  4. Can you see the light from under the door crack?

    I am an ice cream cup girl all the way these days!
    Wohoo about your knee! I am so flag you’re seeing positive improvements!

    I think you should keep your Karen coke bottle and and then buy another that you can drink! I have been searching EVERYWHERE (3 states now) and have yet to find an Anne one haha!

  5. Heck YES pelvic realignment! I’m so glad it helped! I hope you feel great today.
    Those are some beautiful new shoes as well. 🙂 And some beautiful ice cream. Seriously it’s such a pretty color!

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