11 miles, fall run plan, and weekending

That was a quick weekend.  Hope you had a good one!

Mine began with 11 solo miles.  I prefer to tackle my longs runs with the Saturday morning run crew at school, but since I ran alone from home, I was able to “sleep in.”  Beautifully cool (50’s to 60’s) weather, which was a total luck-out because now we’re back to 70’s and muggy in the morning.IMG_0620
The first 5 miles wove through hilly neighborhoods, the next 4 circled around and around a school (I looped the school six times because it was flat), and the final 2 scooted along a nature trail.  11 done and pain-free!  I kept an easy pace and felt strong throughout the run…just super thirsty at the end.

I had some time to kill after the run before Ryan arrived for the weekend, so I watched American Ninja Warrior and created a rough outline of my fall running plan.  I’ve backed down from a fall full to a fall half or two..probably Indianapolis at the beginning of November, but potentially a TBD half in October.  I’m switching up the order of workouts (tempo, speed, rest, etc) because Tuesday will likely make the most sense for a rest day with my fall schedule, but I want to keep long runs on Saturday.  This is the best rearranging I could figure out:
Sun: body weight strength circuit (with ~2 miles of total running between circuits)
Mon: tempo
Tues: REST
Wed: intervals
Thurs: easy run
Fri: body weight strength circuit (with ~2 miles of total running between circuits)
Sat: long
…2 days of hard running, 1 long run, 2 days of strength, 1 easy day, and 1 rest day.  I’m 100% sure I won’t follow this to a T, but I like to have a rough outline….starting next week because it’s Monday morning and I’m not about to go run a tempo right now.

Anyway, by the time I figured that out, Ryan arrived for the weekend!  We met his friend at Miami University (of Ohio) for lunch, and then Ryan and I gave ourselves a self-guided photo shoot on campus.  As evidenced, we are incredibly photogenic.

On our way back, we stopped at a farmer’s market on the side of the road.

We didn’t buy anything, but I was tempted by this $40 baby: 110 lbs of pure watermelon, also known as happiness.

So I didn’t eat (not quite) my weight in watermelon, but I accomplished that feat via the potluck at church that evening.  There was so.much.food, and between me, Laura, and Ryan, we probably tried all of it.  Ryan’s dessert contribution was huge.

The next morning, I headed out for a muggy workout at the park: 5 x (run 1/2 mile + lunges + squat jumps + single leg glute bridges).  My legs felt good after Saturday’s long run, but I added in breather breaks between some of the leg work.  I stretched and iced afterward, and then Laura, Ryan, and I went to a morning movie.  Laura and I couldn’t get over how weird it was to go to a movie in the morning…do we buy popcorn? Is 10:30am too early to drink pop?

I had been looking forward to The Giver since I saw a preview for it in May, and it finally came out on Friday.  It’s one of my favorite books (it’s utopian/dystopian…you may have read it in middle school…read it again!), and although the movie deviated from the book quite a bit, it was still a great movie.  IMG_0646
But a movie was a weird way to start the day…walking out at lunchtime was like seeing a Christmas tree in July.  I was also incredibly hangry when we left the theater, and I apologize to anyone I growled at or glared at from 12:30pm until 1:30pm…

Have a nice week!

Have you ever seen a GIGANTIC fruit or veggie?
Have you been to a morning movie? How early is too early for movie popcorn?



8 thoughts on “11 miles, fall run plan, and weekending

  1. This post had me laughing a bunch. I’m so happy you do this blog Karen! It was nice to hear you get hangry too. 😉 Also, what type of running watch do you have? I’m really unhappy with mine and would like to eventually get a new one. Also, you should look into the lighthouse half marathon up in Traverse City. I think it is put on by the same people that do Bayshore… 🙂

    • Aww, I’m so glad you like to read it Liv!
      ohh hanger…it really brings out the worst in people. My family has learned when to throw a granola bar at me.

      I have a Forerunner 410. I like it and haven’t had any problems with it, but all I use it for is pace and distance…I don’t know how to do anything fancy, and I don’t even connect it to the computer software. What don’t you like about yours? Erin has a cool newer purple one that she loves; I can ask about it if you want 🙂

      Are you doing the lighthouse half? I bet it’s super pretty! I wish I weren’t so far away!!

      • Karen, I have the forerunner 110 I think. It takes FOREVER to find satellites so I rarely use it anymore. Please ask Erin what she uses!

        I’m thinking about doing the lighthouse half. I need to double check when exactly it is though. I wish you weren’t so far away either!! 😦

  2. They always have these ridiculously enormous pumpkins at this place by my house in the fall and we are supposed to guess how much they weigh and it’s always like as much as a car. That is a giant watermelon!

    Nice job on your run! It makes me so happy that you are back to being pain free. Your current plan sounds a little like what I’m doing. 🙂 And yes that weekend was over WAY too fast.

  3. Yey for your pain free long run, that’s so exciting!!!!

    That would be so neat to run a fall marathon!

    And that watermelon…oh my goodness! It reminds me of those at the State fair here in NC, where they have exhibitions of all of the giant produce from across the state haha.

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