humid 12 and mountains of veggies

Hello!  Hope you had a lovely weekend.

For me, this is the first week of school…going strong on 19th grade.  My schedule has some odd travel logistics early this week, so right now I’m trying to figure out what to pack for lunch on Tuesday that would be okay sitting in my car for most of Monday.  I enlisted Google for help and have gotten some..interesting…suggestions including dill pickles in a ziplock, and spray cheese.  I’m going to go with the ever-classic PB&J, but I thought I’d throw those out there in case anyone wanted to change it up.

Backtracking to Saturday morning’s run, miserably referred to as the aquajog… I walked outside at 5:15am in the 100% humidity and 72 degree air and wondered, why are there clouds in the parking lot?  Nope, those were just pockets of water hovering in the air.

I met up with the Saturday morning crew for a 10 mile loop + 2 on my own.  The runners with marathons in mid-September started at 4am (!!) and had already finished their first 10 miles by the time us late sleepers joined for the second half.  They were extra drippy, like they had just emerged from a pool fully-clothed, from the crazy humidity…and nothing gets you in the mood to run like that does…
We kept the pace easy and carried water but ended up cutting the loop to 6-miles instead of 10.  I took a long water break and then went back out for 4 more miles with another girl, and then took an even longer water break to chat with Erin before heading out for the final 2 miles of my morning.IMG_069712 muggy, hot, sticky, stinky miles DONE, with 2 breaks.  I was lethargic and felt extra drained starting at mile 3, but I survived and nothing was in pain, so I’ll take it!  My shoes made squish noises by the end, and I think I left a trail of sweat for the last 2 miles.

Immediately after, I walked into the heavenly non-humid air-conditioned CVS next door and straight to the drink coolers in the back. Sometimes I buy a cold Powerade as a post- long run treat, but this time I bought some weird carbonated juice that I had never heard of before.  I think it was the promise of carbonation and the fruity-looking labels, but I craved this random juice like it was my favorite food.  And they were 2 for $3.

I got home and downed 32oz of water + both juices (completely worth the $3 and their long list of artificial ingredients), and then Ryan and I headed out to the local farmer’s market.  It’s open every Saturday morning from May through October, but this was the first we’d gone this year.

Dressed like twins!

We meandered through the displays of vegetables, fruits, salsa, hummus, breads, and other fresh summery things.

After some serious produce decision-making, we ended up with a large zucchini, the cutest little carton of baby plums ever, blueberries, 4 tomatoes, and some corn.IMG_0703

We used them to make veggie sandwiches for almost every meal that weekend, and those sandwiches just got better (and bigger) and better (and even bigger).

We stayed inside for most of the weekend…it was stinking hot, and I was traumatized by the run…but we managed to get some fresh air with a short-lived picnic (*3 bites* “…so, wanna go inside?” “yes”), a couple random outings, and a walk in the park.  IMG_0729

We enjoyed the great outdoors from the inside by watching two documentaries on Netflix related to the wilderness.  One was about a group hiking the JMT and kind of monotonous so we only made it 2/3 of the way through, but the other one was kind of cool.  It was called Tiny, and it followed the story of a man who built a tiny house from scratch, with interviews from other tiny house owners tucked around his story.  <–interesting concept if you haven’t heard of the tiny/small house movement

And a weekend isn’t complete without cards and something dipped in Nutella.IMG_0714

How often do you go to a farmer’s market?
What is your favorite thing to eat with Nutella?


21 thoughts on “humid 12 and mountains of veggies

  1. Now I want cute baby plums. We belong to a local crop share and every Thursday is a GIANT FARMER’S MARKET in our kitchen!!!! Love it. But we didn’t get those damn plums….. 😦

  2. I’m the one weird person on the planet that does not like Nutella. I know. There’s something wrong with me.

    The only Farmer’s Market I’ve ever been to was in LA and it was awesome! We do have them around here, but the ones that are at the times I can actually go aren’t convenient to my house and the convenient ones are at inconvenient times (such as when I’m at work). I really need to make more of an effort now because I like fruit so much. Actually there is a local farm that has a fall festival coming up and now that I eat apples I’m excited to buy a bunch there!

  3. Good heavens almighty that is one tough run! This Florida girl calls it a day for long runs when it gets that humid, major props to you and the 4amers! (I’m definately stealing the aquajog phrase haha!)

    I am lucky when it comes I farmers markets, the nc state farmers market where all I the gamers from across the stage do their wholesaling is in raleigh and t is truly one I te best in the country! I have no excuse to not go more than I do!

  4. Congrats on your run! I’m such a wimp when it comes to hot/humid weather so I’m super impressed. There’s a local farmer’s market that I love and I try to get there a few times a month. The seasonal produce is always awesome and there’s some fresh pasta that’s great too.

  5. I love our Farmer’s Market! I try to go once a week on Wednesday and occasionally Saturday mornings. I love all the fresh/local fruits and veggies we can get! I’m in the “I don’t like Nutella” category…is that bad?

  6. does eating nutella with nutella count? good luck in grade 19. your posts always make me laugh! i feel like we have so much in common – massive sandwiches, complaining about the weather, embarrassingly high sweat levels, significant others who make funny photo faces… living the life.

    • curly hair, insanely early runs, drool-worthy meals…oh wait, that last one’s just you! (though it looks like Ryan is actually drooling on that sandwich)

      and nutella with nutella most definitely counts. 🙂

  7. Your weekend looks amazing! Well, minus the aquajog. DUDE those cvs sparkling waters are SO GOOD. I always feel bad about the chemicals, too, but they’re so freakin’ delicious. I’ve never seen that pineapple coconut one- need to try it!

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