12 miles and Labor Day fun

Hope you had a nice (long) weekend!  Mine consisted of a long run, a whole day of school things, visiting a friend, and exploring the outdoors with Ryan.

On Saturday morning, I met up with Erin to run the last 10 miles of her 18-miler.  We had an itty bitty breeze and scattered sprinkles, which felt like a spray fan for an hour and a half and was awesome.  But even better…it was game day morning here at Purdue!  I couldn’t care less about football, but game day means that campus is alive at 6am.  It means that you’ll likely pass hordes of students dressed in Halloween costumes walking toward the bars at 6am. (It’s a Purdue tradition called Breakfast Club.)  It means that you can hear the marching band warming up in the practice field.  (Though I didn’t think those early morning game-day practices were cool when I was in college marching band).  And it means that you can wear a Purdue shirt that day and feel really cool even if you’re sitting at your kitchen table with 5 research articles.

But back to the run.  The sunrise was one of those purple-blue-yellow ones with streaks coming from the middle, and it was absolutely gorgeous.  See the bell tower in the distance?!IMG_0756
Right before this photo, Erin and I felt like we were at the finish line of a race because the marching band was playing, and the atmosphere was happy.  We hung out for 5 minutes to stretch and soak in the scene.

After our 10 miles together, I went out for 2 more solo miles for a total of 12.  I wanted to run 13, but my right knee started hurting in the same spot where it recently finished hurting.  Noooo.  I’m hoping it’s because my quads were suuuuper sore, tight, and shredded from Thursday’s track workout, but I’ll keep an eye on it.  I iced when I got home and then spent the rest of the day with a pile of research articles and other random school things.  I worked extra hard so that I’d be able to spend the rest of Labor Day weekend guilt-free.

Ryan arrived on Sunday morning, and we drove up to spend the day with my friend Sarah and her friends at lake Michigan.  Lake-swimming, beach-lounging, game-playing, pizza-eating, casino-going fun.  I bet (and lost) a total of $2, all at the penny slots, in case anyone was wondering.

The next morning, Ryan and I ventured over to the Indiana Dunes.  I’d never been there (though I’ve been to the Sleeping Bear Dunes!), but I’d heard great things about Indiana’s own little dune collection off the shore of Lake Michigan.

We walked along the beach and found the largest grasshopper(?) ever.  The poor little guy was struggling to hop along the windy beach, so I coaxed him on to my sandal and carried him across the beach.

Lake Michigan

Then Ryan and I went on the “3 Dune Challenge” course: a hilly 1.5 mile hike over 3 sandy dunes.  They had stickers and t-shirts available for finishers, ha.IMG_0787
Ryan was in charge of holding the map and figuring out where to go, and my job was to take pictures and not get lost.

We hiked up steep sand inclines…IMG_0793 IMG_0798

And saw nice nature views:

We finished the course relatively quickly, though some of the steep sandy climbs were difficult!  We were sweaty, bug-bitten, and thirsty by the time we reached the car.  And just in time for lunch!

We stopped for food on the way home, and I got the best salad that I think I’ve ever ordered from a restaurant.  Thumbs up, Third Coast Spice Cafe.IMG_0804—–
Did you go anywhere for the long weekend?
Have you ever climbed a sand dune?



14 thoughts on “12 miles and Labor Day fun

  1. I’ve been to Sleeping Bear Dunes and to the Oregon Dunes which are both great. It’s so fun to make it to the top and see great ocean/lake views. I’ve never been to Indiana Dunes but it looks like it was a lot of fun!

  2. Eeek! You had me at 10 miles but you really had me at game day! To this University of Florida girl there is nothing better than a long run followed by game day, like seriously 🙂

    I wonder if you found a praying mantis we used to have those back in Florida!

    Another thing we Had was lots of soft Sand. I literally can’t even imagine how difficult that 3 mile course must have been!
    It looks like you had an absolutely wonderful weekend I hope your week is just as good

  3. I’m just like you; I always bring a $5 bill to casinos and just leave whenever it’s gone. One time I gambled around 60 cents on the penny slots and won $60!!!!!! Best. Day. EVER.

    The Indiana dunes look so cool!!! They’re not too far from Chicago, but I’ve never been. I need to check it out!

    • I’ll help you out: chicken, feta, carrots, olives, artichoke, roasted red pepper; hummus, some sort of tangy vinaigrette, and a giant crouton. So good! but the feta was kind of weird, so I traded it for Ryan’s avocado

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