Week of workouts

Helloooo Weekend!  Short post because that week flew.  And I’m flying tomorrow morning! To Canada!  My dad is competing in the Ironman 70.3 World Championship on Sunday in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, and I’m going over to cheer him on! So exciting!!  I drove home to Ohio after my last class today, and I’m all packed up and ready for the 3:30am alarm.  My back pack (to Bre & Andrea, my Otipack!) is filled with research articles…we’ll see how that turns out.

Switching gears to this morning, I started my day with some 800’s at the track.  I figured I could either do a long run or a speed session on Friday morning since I probably won’t have time to run this weekend, and I’m proud of myself for picking the track because it’s the one I didn’t want to do…doing hard things makes you stronger, right?

IMG_08102 miles easy, 6 x 800m, 1 mile easy

The intervals felt good, they were consistent, and they were a liiiittle bit faster than last week.  I had to dodge squirrels the whole time…has anyone else had that problem?  At this particular track, squirrels like to run on to the track with one of those green tree balls, gnaw at the green tree ball, and then scurry when you approach.  The problem is that they scurry to you instead of away from you, and then switch directions at the last possible second.  And they leave tree ball on the track.  But squirrels or no squirrels, speed work makes for a good morning.

The rest of this week:

Monday: Rest/dune climb
Tuesday: 5 miles (3 tempo)–This was an evening run after a 6am-6pm day with a long commute, and I really didn’t feel like doing anything except sleeping.  The only reason I ran was because my gas tank was on E and told myself that if I made it to the gas station before coming to a complete stop on the highway, I would go for a run.
Wednesday: 2 miles + strength circuit
Thursday: 7 miles easy

Have a good weekend!
What’s the biggest race you’ve seen or competed in?
Which do you prefer: intervals or long runs?


6 thoughts on “Week of workouts

  1. Holy cannoli! That is so incredible that your dad is competing!!!
    Best of luck to him and have a blast cheering him on. I can only imagine that it’s the coolest most fun group of people gathered there!

  2. WOOOO that’s so cool (your dad)!!!! Good luck to him! Haha yes, doing hard things makes you stronger…unless it kills you. I don’t typically have to dodge squirrels but I have had a few jump out of the bushes and scare the crap out of me. I’m deathly afraid of snakes, so when I hear rustling in bushes and something jumps out, I really freak out and think I’m going to be attacked by a boa. Totally normal right? Must be hilarious for other people to watch though.

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