14 miles and FALL

So with the fall semester in full swing, looks once-a-week blogging is going to be my thing.  ….Unless I add a midweek study update, but I don’t particularly want to relive those moments, so I’ll stick to the fun stuff.  Like weekends!

I met the Saturday early crew for a long run in the … wait for it … 43ish degree weather!  I can’t believe how quickly the weather turned, considering the muggiest run of my life was only three weeks ago, but these low temps are awesome!  50’s is perfect, but 40’s is close enough for me.  I seriously think that snowpocolypse2014 had long-term shift on my comfortable temperature range because right now I’d rather run in 20 degree weather than 70 degree weather, no question.

I covered 10 miles with Erin and a few others at an easy pace, and we relished in the air that didn’t feel like death.  The miles passed by quickly and the next thing I knew, we were back at our car and not even drippy.  No costume-clad bar-going Breakfast Clubbers today; Purdue had an away game (and lost to Notre Dame).

I chatted in the parking lot for a few minutes after the run and then headed back out for 4 solo miles.  My right knee, the one that hurt for 8 weeks in the summer but has been fine for the last month, tightened up at the end.  I’m not sure why it’s being so dramatic, but it also tightened up two weeks ago and felt fine two days later, so I’m not sure what’s up with that.

I iced my knee, changed out of my sweaty clothes, and hit up the farmer’s market with Ryan, our new Saturday morning thing to do.  Also the last time I go anywhere without showering after a long run…”I hope I don’t see anyone I know” always seems to backfire when your face is smeared with salt and your hair is plastered yet frizzy.
IMG_0951Ryan and I divided and conquered: watermelon, zucchini, cucumber, peppers, apples, tomatoes, jam, and hummus.IMG_0956

You’d think we would have some sort of produce for lunch, but pizza and chicken nuggets sounded much much better.IMG_0959

We saved the garden for dinner and revisited the ever classic veggie sandwich, a Ryan and Karen specialty.
Hummus + zucchini + cucumber + tomato + shredded carrot + sweet potato + grated parm.

Those three mini hummuses (hummi?) behind the sandwich are from the farmer’s market.  I picked out the black olive & oregano (best), spicy curry (second best), and dill (worst) varieties, but they also had blueberry, jalapeno, and a few others, so I’ll need to do another taste test next weekend.

Later that night, we went out to celebrate a running friend’s big recent running accomplishment: 20 marathons!  Wow!

Other than that, I had papers to read and papers to write, so it was a pretty low-key weekend.

Have you ever made hummus?
Do you have a long-term running/race goal?  A race every month?  A race in all 50 states? 20 marathons??



13 thoughts on “14 miles and FALL

  1. 43 degrees ?!?! That’s amazing! I was more than happy to see 62 here in Raleigh turning my 8 miler into a 10. Isn’t it incredible how much easier running is in the cool weather? It never ceases to amaze me!
    I am sorry about you knee, I hope it calms down!

    That Sammy looks incredible! I love humms and veggie sandwiches and you can SO tell when your vegetables are fresh and local, yum!

  2. hey if that whole audiology (WAIT I totally guessed on that and then went to your about page to make sure I got it right and I DID… so proud of myself for being an ultimate creeper and knowing what you’re studying) thing doesn’t work out, you should open a veggie sandwich shop. I would eat there EVERY DAY. that sandwich looks delicious.

  3. LOL plastered and frizzy- the curly hair kids motto. I feel ya girl! AMAZING job on your run though! I guess my long term goal would be to successfully complete this marathon and then at some point BQ. Don’t know that I’ll ever get that fast but that whole experience would be amazing.

  4. I’m not a huge hummus fan so nope! My goal would probably be to tackle a marathon eventually but I definitely it up my half game first!

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