speedwork, froyo, and #exploringindy

Surprise!  Thursday post.  I met Erin and Stacy at the track this morning for social hour.  We chatted so much between repeats that Stacy joked we should just order a pizza and call it good…And then we realized that we were all wearing blue, so we took another long break for a photo shoot.  The best way to enjoy running is to make it fun, right?IMG_0984

Between conversations, I completed a ladder workout: 2 x 400, 1 x 800, 1 x 1600, 1 x 800, 2 x 400, sandwiched by 2 warm-up miles and 1 cool-down mile.  It felt GREAT (except for the last 0.25 mile of my cool-down, where my knee started hurting again, boo)–I am loving this crisp fall weather, and catching up with running friends is a fabulous way to start the morning.

On Thursdays, my cohort makes an hour-long commute together to a 3-hour class in Indy, so when Andrea “jokingly but really” asked if we wanted to stop for frozen yogurt on the way back, we said YES.  I said EXTRA yes because frozen yogurt is a miracle cure, and I felt kind of headachy and nauseous—does anyone else sometimes feel queasy and headachy later in the day after speedwork?

We went to the Pink Walrus, one of my favorite froyo places.  Reasons why it’s better than other froyo places: top-notch topping bar, unlimited sample cups (and they’re big sample cups!), a cool & cute ambiance, free & easily accessible water cups, and spoons that are my favorite color.photo-18IMG_0988
Vanilla + berry + peanut butter froyo with Reese’s pieces, M&Ms, & sprinkles.

Speaking of delicious things, Ryan and I added another new restaurant to our #exploringindy list on Monday: Yats Cajun Creole Restaurant, a New Orleans inspired food joint.  The chalkboard menu listed a bunch of different sauce-like dishes, all served over rice.

I went half-and-half with the White Chili Chicken and the Red Beans & Smoked Sausage:

And Ryan went all in with the Jambalaya:

It was a lot of food for a reasonable price, and really tasty!  My only complaint is that I like a little more texture variation in my food, so sauce-like entrees aren’t my thing.  I made up for the missing crunch with chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels nuggets that we totally eyed up a few weeks ago.
“Nug me”

Here’s a random yet pretty picture of the sky on Monday morning:

Sunday (9/14): 50 minute cardio + weight circuit (R knee hurt)
Monday (9/15): REST
Tuesday (9/16): 8 miles, pm fartlek–no knee pain!
Wednesday (9/17): Run + strength circuit (1 hour)

What is your favorite kind of fartlek run?
Favorite color??


One thought on “speedwork, froyo, and #exploringindy

  1. Yes, Yes, Yes to the Fall weather, I am absolutely LOVING it!
    To feel nauseous after speed work, that means I’d have to do speed work 🙂 One thing I can agree on… froyo is always a good decision!
    I take my froyo a bit to seriously, and if a store does not have samples… I’m not interested. If only I were kidding haha!

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