just about fall

Another fall weekend done!  Well technically the last summer weekend.  According to this, the equinox will happen at 10:29pm EST on Monday, so I think we can call Tuesday the first day of fall!

Per usual, my Saturday began early in the morning with a pack of runners.  We had a fun and chatty group, so we finished the 10-mile loop before I really had a chance to look at my watch!  It was one of those runs that makes you love running.IMG_0990I had a few more miles in me, but I stopped after our 10 loop because my right achilles tendon was tight the whole run.  I swear, it’s just one different pain after another.  This one was totally preventable though–I knew that my calves were tight from Thursday’s speed work and I didn’t stretch until Friday night.  I should have known better because an achilles tendon injury was my very very first running injury three years ago, and in the sentimental way that first running injuries make you feel like you’re never going to run again, I am super careful about the ATs.

Run done, and off to the Farmer’s Market.  Fall foods and decorations are coming out!IMG_0993

This week, Ryan and I bought pretty much the same fruits & veggies as last week, with the last-minute additions of swiss chard and potatoes.IMG_0994

How we ended up buying swiss chard:
Ryan: “Want to buy chard?”
Karen: “Which one is the chard?”
Ryan: *points* “That one. But I’m not sure which part you eat.”
Karen: “Me neither. Are red stemmed ones better, or are green stemmed ones better?
Ryan: “I don’t know; I’m colorblind.”
Karen: “Okay, let’s buy it!”

Along with 10 lbs of apples!  I’m on the lookout for a you-pick orchard around here…

Usually on Saturday afternoons (um and for every other meal), we make veggie sandwiches because they require minimal thinking and they’re delicious, but we finally OD’d on veggie sandwiches after eating them for a month straight.  So Ryan, being the awesome person he is, offered to make us lunch while I worked on school stuff, and he invented the lovely Veggie Conglomerate pictured below, paired with rice and beans.  I would say it doesn’t photograph well, but that’s about how it looked in real life.  Cooked veggies are hard to make pretty, but they sure tasted good!

We also tried three new Farmer’s Market hummus varieties: rosemary & basil, jalapeno, and cilantro.  So far, my winner is last week’s olive and Ryan’s favorite is last week’s curry.

Later that afternoon, we fancied up and headed down to Indianapolis for a wedding!

One of our friends from church got married, and we were happy to celebrate with him and his new wife!  The wedding was in a little white chapel, and the reception was next door in a large glass-walled building surrounded by a garden.  It was super pretty, and the reception was a blast!  Ryan and I clumsily tried to swing dance by mimicking other couples, but then the Wobble (#myjam) came on, so it was all good.

What was your first running injury?
Favorite wedding/party/line dance?


9 thoughts on “just about fall

    • thanks and thanks! 🙂
      boo. Maybe there is another/different one on Saturday? We have an on-campus Farmer’s Market on Thursday that is actually the same Farmer’s market that I go to on Saturday, just in a different location

  1. WAIT he’s really color blind!? That is so cool! (maybe not so much for him, but I’m fascinated by that… in college I had a friend who couldn’t see purple, I didn’t even know that was a thing? Unless he was lying, which I wouldn’t be surprised by) Also i would have no idea what swiss chard to choose… hopefully it was delicious! And I agree with Mel, super cute wedding pic!

    • I don’t know anything about purple colorblindness, but maybe it’s a thing? Red-green is the most common, I think. I wish I could see the world through Ryan’s eyes for a day just to see how it’s different!

  2. What better way to start your Saturday Morning?!?! Umm and that pace, get it girl!
    Favorite line party dance? Hmmmm I have no idea! haha

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