13 miles and a studious weekend

Hope you had a nice weekend!  I had the weekend to myself with no plans, so I took advantage of the time to be productive.  This semester is kind of all over the place with class work, clinic work, and research things, so my to-do list was slowly and stressfully growing out of control, and it was nice to cross a few things off!

But first, a run.  Our long run group was extra small on Saturday morning, so I paired up with just one other person for 10 miles.  He was new to the area, making me “route leader”—and if you know anything about my sense of direction (spoiler alert: I don’t have a sense of direction), you can guess how that worked out.  I led us through a route that I’ve done dozens of times with other people, but it somehow looked different without people to follow, so I added a whooole bunch of wrong turns.  I knew where we were the whole time, but our route ended up being very different from the pre-planned one.  Whoops…at least we got to spend a little extra time with the game day/homecoming weekend festivities on campus.IMG_1028 IMG_1027

We covered 10 miles in just over an 8:30 pace; I felt great, the pace felt comfortable, and the absolutely perfect weather didn’t hurt.  After our loop, I chatted for a few minutes and then went out to see how many more miles I could get in before my knee twinged and ended up with a little over 13.IMG_1029...and good thing my knee twinged when it did because I completely lost track of time, and by the time I got back to my apartment, I had 30 minutes to shower and leave for a meeting.  Made it!

I brought my backpack with me and studied at the public library for a while, and then I went home to glue my butt to the couch for the rest of the day with different assignments and a stack of articles.  I usually don’t work very well from home because I get distracted by everything, mainly the refrigerator, but I was able to zone in and focus.

Eventually, I looked out the window and saw the prettiest sunset EVER, so I grabbed a pair of flip-flops and went outside to get some fresh air and look at the pretty sky.  And the next 10 minutes of my life were really strange…I think my brain was too drained to think straight, so I broke into a sprint toward the setting sun because it was really pretty and I didn’t have a good view.  I ran, on autopilot, through fields and parking lots until my feet slipped out from under me and I realized that I was standing in the middle of a freshy-paved-and-still-wet parking lot surrounded by orange cones.  I do strange things when I’m stressed.IMG_1040So I caught the end of the sunset and ruined a parking lot…but I somehow had run to a gas station, so I bought myself a pop for effort.IMG_1041

And that may have been the most exciting part of my weekend.  Actually, no it wasn’t.  The most exciting part of my weekend was a tie between watching Hocus Pocus twice on Saturday night while doing work….and studying at Panera with free refills on Sunday.  I stayed at Panera long enough for two meals (been there, done that), but went home for dinner instead.IMG_1048

No fun adventures with Ryan over the weekend, but we did continue our weekly #exploringIndy date night last Monday.IMG_1019

We walked around downtown for a while to potentially try a new restaurant, but we decided on Ryan’s recent discovery and my long-time favorite from undergrad that I haven’t been to in a few years: Pita Pit!IMG_1022“Let’s just go to Pita Pit every Monday instead of trying new places…”

And that’s that.  I was feeling sick/congested/tired for the early part of the week, so I skipped a couple of workouts to heal up faster.

Sun: Rest
Mon: Rest
Tues: Rest
Wed: 2 miles + strength circuit (1 hour total)
Thurs: 7 miles at the track: 2, 5 miles of: 800 fast + 800 slow
Fri: 7 miles easy

What do you get at Panera?
Have you done anything fall-ish yet? (Like watch Hocus Pocus or go apple picking??)


14 thoughts on “13 miles and a studious weekend

  1. We aren’t having much fall weather yet but I’m really looking forward to the leaves finally changing so we can do pumpkin picking and visit the mountains for some pretty foliage. 75 and sunny just doesn’t make me feel like fall though, I need cooler temps and sweater weather to start!

    • haha that sounds classier than taco bell…

      I got the Greek salad! Um, actually 2 of them. I ordered a You pick 2 with a sandwich and a greek salad with chicken, and halfway through my salad, I realized that they forgot to add the chicken. I went up and asked for the just the chicken since I didn’t want to cheat them out of 2 salads, but they brought me a whole new salad anyway, so I ate them both.

  2. Ahhh well, at least he got to see a bit more of his new city than he would have otherwise 🙂

    Ok, I thought very very hard and decided to record Hocus Pocus because I just couldn’t bring myself to watch it yet (one more day until October!) haha

    Pita Pit = my go-to favorite college drunk food….ohhhh the hummus chicken pita!

    Go-to Panera avocado chicken cobb, no bacon, I love it!

  3. free panera refills?! hmmmm maybe I need to start working from there sometimes! and hahaha that is hilarious about the parking lot. I always see footprints in lots/sidewalks like that and I’m like “who on earth walked across this?”

    • It’s a great place to get work done! I alternated between unsweet tea and pop to make myself feel less bad about drinking so much pop.
      And yeah I’d always been curious about those parking lot foot prints too. Can’t people see that the parking lot is wet?! …apparently not.

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