The eye twitch, a Moroccan subway, and PTX

Currently weighing the pros and cons of running in the pouring rain right now….Pretty sure where this one is headed, and it’s not outside.  (Ha- thinking of you, Mel; we just talked about how we only weigh the pros and cons when we don’t want to run)

I skipped my run this morning because it was raining (and pitch black) and got a few school things out of the way instead.  Good thing, too–I have this issue called “the annual eye twitch” that happens every fall when the semester gets crazy, and it lasts until the semester gets uncrazy…soo December…and my left eye started a low-level twitch this week.  Here’s what Siri has to say about that:IMG_1061Ummwhat?

Fortunately though, it hasn’t all been work (or running…which I’ve totally shoved to the back burner lately).  On Monday night, Ryan and I continued our weekly #exploringIndy food project and went to Poccadio, quite possibly the best meal I’ve had in a long time!  And I’m not just saying that because I eat turkey and/or veggie sandwiches like twice a day.

The woman who worked there described Poccadio as a “Moroccan subway,” where you pick your bread, spread, meat, and toppings down the line.  Most of the spreads and toppings were unfamiliar, so she made us a sample plate with a little taste of everything:IMG_1053I created a more authentic version of my favorite sandwich ever (the Mediterranean from Potbelly), and Ryan ordered a bunch of pita, a bunch of dips, and a huge piece of tilapia. IMG_1051IMG_1055It was all seriously so good (except for the orange and yellow lumps on the sample plate), so if you’re ever looking for a new restaurant in Indianapolis, TRY IT!

And the second and third best parts about Monday:

A gorgeous sunset on my long drive back:

And frozen yogurt…by myself…because it was just one of those days:IMG_1060

One more fun thing to share.  The Pentatonix performed at Purdue this week!  (If you haven’t heard of the Pentatonix, they’re an incredible a capella group. My two favorite covers are Royals and Say Something.)  Purdue puts on a few big events each year, and this one sold out in two days.  I convinced Andrea to buy tickets with me as soon as they were available, and it was an awesome concert!! IMG_1076IMG_1075

Does anyone else get an eye twitch? Please tell me yes.
Do you prefer to try new restaurants or go to the same ones?


15 thoughts on “The eye twitch, a Moroccan subway, and PTX

  1. waitttt what on earth, why are you “dave” to siri?! and my eye would twitch during finals week in college. I had to put ice on it to make it chillax. So annoying! hope yours goes away before december 🙂

  2. Hey!!! Yummy food pictures!! Love the frozen yogurt!! Don’t worry, every Fall, I get an eye twitch and sometimes it lasts for many weeks (off and on). I’ve found that once the temps turn a bit cooler it starts because my eyes get dry while running. I use eye drops that moisturize. Happy Friday!! Have a great weekend!! XOXO!

  3. OMG I seriously get the eye twitch too!!! I thought i was the only one! I get it when I’m extremely exhausted and stressed. I remember when it first happened and I was convinced I had a stroke…totally rational

  4. Siri thinks your name is DAVE? HAHAHAHA… Way too funny.

    At least you did something productive when you skipped the run 😀 I usually just sit on the couch watching Netflix… heh. Except my semester is picking up too… I’m commenting on this post from the library 😦

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