Nikki’s Shortcut 5k


So this is a little delayed…but last weekend, I took a quick day-trip to Michigan to visit one of my best friends and run a 5k!

This is the second time I’ve been able to run Nikki’s Shortcut 5k, which is a 5k in memory of my friend Olivia’s friend Nikki, who passed away in 2008.  I’m so glad that I’ve been able to participate in this event twice!  More than just a 5k race, it’s a celebration with family, friends, food, and memories of Nikki (I never had the chance to meet her, but she sounds like a pretty special person!)… it’s an all-over awesome afternoon.  The course goes through the woods and is lined with ribbons, motivational posters, jokes, and Halloween decorations (I also think I saw Santa?).  This year, we celebrated the event with 39-degree weather, a torrential downpour, and hail…which made for a freezing, muddy, and FUN afternoon.

I drove up to Michigan on Saturday morning and got there a little after noon for the 2pm race start.  It. was. freezing.  Mega props to Olivia, Molly, and everyone else manning the registration booth in layers upon layers while it was wintering outside.  After everyone’s hands and feet were nicely frozen solid, we lined up with the shivering masses to start the race!

IMG_1090 Molly, me, Olivia

Olivia and I stayed together for the first half of the race.  The course entered the woods and went around turn after turn like a maze!  It rained harder than it had all morning while we were running, so some parts were slippery and muddy….which made running considerably more difficult since we couldn’t feel out feet from the cold.  Liv and I were too out of breath to do anything but pant and reassure each other that our feet were, in fact, still attached, it was so fun to run with my college running partner again!

Timewise, I didn’t set any pace goals or wear my Garmin, so I just ran by feel and looked at my sports watch at the mile markers.  My first mile was 7:17, which I am not in shape for right now, so then I slowed waaay down and finished in somewhere around 24 minutes.  The final stretch was 100 meters of standing water, but by that point every fiber of my being was already soaked through, so yeah.

I’ve run some rainy, wet races, but this one takes the cake.  We were lookin’ goooood after we finished.IMG_1083

Liv and I ended up as 2nd and 3rd female finishers overall (it was a small race), and we were beaten by a middle-schooler.  Two years ago, I remember being beaten by a small boy wearing jeans and a puffy winter coat??  He was BOOKING it because I finished faster than I did today.

We hung out at the race for a while and enjoyed the cake and company…it was still raining…and then went back to Olivia’s to shower and get ready for dinner.  That’s the thing about 2pm races…by the time you run, eat a bagel, rehash the race with your running friends, and shower…it’s dinner time!

We went to Round Barn Public House, a brewpub and maker of the best pulled pork+ham+sweet pickle sandwich I have ever had.


And that was a quick trip!


8 thoughts on “Nikki’s Shortcut 5k

  1. My goodness those are trying conditions indeed! SO much respect to your friends for manning the registration in those conditions, and they don’t even get the benefit of warming up a bit from running! That’s truly inspirational what they have pulled together for their friend.

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