three things and another PT appointment

Okay here’s a random post with a splattering of three things I’ve been up to these past few weeks outside of school.  I just hit the halfway point of the fall semester, and it’s been a little crazy around here.

1. Quick trip to Cleveland and some family time.  My dad, sister, and I drove to Cleveland Friday night for a quick weekend trip.  We popped over to our favorite Great Lake (well, not true, but I do have a life-long loyalty to Lake Erie), toured the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, ate lunch, and peaced out.IMG_1127Sista pic

Do Laura and I look insanely tall???  We chose Grumpy’s for lunch…definitely unrelated to the fact that it’s my family’s nickname for me when I am hungry.  I got a black bean burger, and it was super good….but kind of weird with the coffee I got to drink.  I should have gone all in for lunch or all in for breakfast.

2. #ExploringIndy
Ryan and I kind of cheated the deal this week because we didn’t try a new restaurant, but instead, we (he) tried a new recipe!  I didn’t arrive in Indy until late Monday evening, so Ryan awesomely suprised me with a homemade dinner the moment I walked in the door (see above re: Grumpy. Thanks, Ryan!).  His veggie chili was restaurant quality.

But last week, our new place was the Whole Foods hot bar.  It was actually the first time I’d ever been to WF (I’m a Kroger fan), but I will say that everything I tried (which was almost everything at the hot bar) was tasty.  Now that I look at how much food Ryan and I consumed in one sitting, I understand why I was so, so full.  Worth it for the mac ‘n cheese.

3. Running.
This is the not so fun part.  I’ve been busy with things that are more important than running right now for me, so I’ve decreased my weekly mileage…by A LOT… but I’ve been surprisingly okay with it.  However, I still get knee pain 12-14 miles into Saturday’s long runs, so I went to the PT on Sunday morning to see what my deal is.

After some walking and squatting and bending and twisting and pushing and pulling every which-way, he thinks that I’m just really tight–like everywhere–and it’s throwing off my gait.  This makes sense to me because I’ve been sitting/not moving more this past year than what I normally do, and I don’t stretch very often, if ever.  Even before the appointment, I noticed that my torso is all twisted up and basically facing the wrong way.  For example, if both feet are facing forward, the top half of my body is facing diagonally to the right.  I think (and hope) this is a recent thing because it weirds me out when I’m brushing my teeth, shoulders parallel to the mirror, and look down to see my feet both pointing left…  He gave me a bunch of thoracic mobilization stretches/exercises to do, which mostly involve laying on my back on a foam roller and stretching.  I am happy that these stretches do not involve glute strengthening because that is the story of my life.

Last new restaurant you tried?
Veggie chili, meat chili, or white chicken chili? Or Skyline chili??
When do you stretch?


17 thoughts on “three things and another PT appointment

  1. Meat chili! I loooove chili. I think I make a pretty darn tasty version but it was 80 today so I think I’ll wait a few weeks to make a batch and finally feel like fall 🙂 So lame that you’re tight and twisted up! I hope you get some relief quickly with the additional stretching. And yes, you do look crazy tall in that picture!

  2. Yes – your legs look crazy long! I will eat any type of chilli – as long as it comes with a ton of toppings. I usually do 5 mins of stretching after every run but I still get super tight. Hope you get all fixed up!

  3. I’ve never been to Cleveland! Or Lake Erie! Or Indy! My parents grew up in Indiana and most of my fam lives there, but it’s in a town close to Chicago haha! Never had a reason to visit any of those places, but maybe someday!

    Ryan sounds like quite the catch 🙂 surprise veggie chilli?! Yum!!! Gotta love a man who can help with hunger grumpiness (hanger?)

  4. vegetarian chili– SO good! did he use a recipe or just make it up? I’d love to hear his recipe if he used one! 🙂 And I’m terrible at stretching… thanks for reminding me that I should do that more often, haha

  5. I feel like such a lamo for gushing over the gloriousness of the WF Hot Bar, like every other female on the planet, but ITS SO GOOODDDDD! I never leave without a 1.5lbs salad…seriously haha

    I’m sorry about your knee pain, but hopefully your doctor is spot on and it’s nothing you can’t fix with stretching and loosening up!

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