Purdue Boilermaker 5k

Laura came up to visit me this weekend!  I’ll recap the whole fun sister weekend soon, but it started off with a 5k!  Actually, it started at 9pm on Friday as we chatted at my kitchen table with a jar of roasted garlic salsa and a container of buttercream frosting.  Obviously, the weekend was already destined to be awesome.

I picked up Laura’s packet on Friday afternoon and finally registered myself for the race.  Since my right knee has been hurting, I wasn’t sure if I should run it but registered anyway and decided to make the judgement call the next morning.

The race started at 8:10am, and it was pretty chilly out (though 46ish degrees was warm compared to my last 5k), so we stayed in the car with the heat blasting for a while.  Closer to race start, I went for a short warm up….I ran to a nearby store with an actual bathroom because the port-o-potty lines were long, but that was a beautiful plan and now I always want my warm up to include running to an actual bathroom….and my knee felt okay, so I decided to go for the 5k.

Weather: Perfect. Cool, slight breeze.
Course: Started with a steep downhill, ended with a steep uphill (ew).  The rest of the course was nice, and I liked that it was all familiar.

The race seemed to go by quickly.  I went out at a comfortably hard pace, and my legs & lungs felt great for the first 2.5 miles…and then I reached the hill (which really wasn’t as large of a monster as it was in my head).  And that’s all I have to say about that.

I finished in 23:00, with a 7:24 average, and it was kind of fun!  The 5k distance, previously claimed to be my least favorite race, actually isn’t so bad.  And most importantly, my knee didn’t hurt at all during the race, which I was so thankful for (I had visions of walking off the race course at mile 1)…though it hurt as soon as I attempted to cool down. Womp womp.

Laura came in a little after me (YAY LAURA!), so we got our free bananas and posed for the first sister pic of the day.IMG_1142


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