knee news, a cappella, and Ingrid Michaelson

Hello blogworld!

It’s been a minute.  I haven’t been running and I started watching a new series on Netflix…so there went blogging about running.

So I’ll throw in a running/injury/knee update and then talk about fun things.

Last we chatted, I was about to get an MRI to try to figure out why my knee has been hurting for several months and why it had been in mild to excruciating pain for like two weeks while walking.  Long story short, I’m still not really sure, but I feel a little less helpless than I did a few weeks ago, ha.

So the MRI showed that nothing was torn (yay!), but there was an inflamed bursa in my knee, and the ortho recommended aggressive IT-band massage and a cortisone shot if I was interested (not now).  We still weren’t sure what was causing the pain in the first place, so I made an appointment with my home PT on Saturday morning and went home for the weekend.  From the PT appointment, he found that the right side of my pelvis had rotated again (like we discovered last July) and all of the hip strengthening I’ve been doing has probably been stabilizing my pelvis in the rotated position.  He worked it back into place with a creepy pop feeling and is giving me some exercises to do to help keep it there; hopefully that is the main pain contributor because my IT band wasn’t even tight.  My knee felt awesome for about two days, but now it feels like things are off again.  The good news is that I feel like I’m headed in the right direction, and now I get to Google “sacroiliac (SI) joint” instead of “illiotibial band (IT band)” because I’m pretty sure I’ve exhausted the internet of IT-band resources.

But since I was home, it was nice to see my family!  My brother Greg is in a college a cappella group, and his group combined with two other all-male groups from a different school for a concert on Saturday night.  They all did a great job!

Greg is the one in the front.  Soloing!

A cappella is probably my favorite music to listen to live.  …that and Ingrid Michaelson, who I saw on Thursday!  Ahh!

I’m a big Ingrid fangirl…this is the third time I’ve seen her live, and she is FANTASTIC in concert.  (Fun fact: last time I saw her was the day after I ran the Grand Rapids marathon, and the venue was standing only.  Rough night.)

On Thursday, the concert was at a cute little theatre near the IU campus in Bloomington, and it was the kind of place where all of the seats were good because the theatre was so small.  I went with Ryan and three girls from church, and we were just a few rows back.  It was awesome!

20141120_205944 20141120_220854Any Ingrid fans out there?  She is my favorite.

He’s pretty cool too…IMG_1373

So that’s what’s been going on!  Thanksgiving break started as soon as I finished clinic today, so I’m going to tackle (start and then tackle) a final project for one of my classes and then head to Ryan’s for Thanksgiving!

What are your Thanksgiving plans?
What is the best concert you’ve been to?  Or who would you love to see??


HBD to Laura and a wedding


First up….HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my older sister Laura!
Here’s a festive throwback to celebrate.23751_311412521935_1593538_n

My family was together ALLLL last weekend to travel to Pennsylvania for my cousin Pat’s wedding.  We decided to drive the 6 hours from homeland Cincinnati late Friday night instead of early Saturday morning, so I had to hit the road to Cincy asap after class on Friday.  I stopped in Indy to pick up Ryan, and he kindly offered to drive the rest of the way to Cincy…possibly after watching my pathetic “drive-reverse-drive-reverse” attempt to parallel park (baby-version parallel park because I had two car-lengths of room).  Um last week was a long week.  Anyway, we rocked out to the radio (I couldn’t find Christmas music yet!), chatted, and made a mental family tree of everyone he was going to meet over the weekend.

Two hours later, we got to my house, moved our bags to my family’s van, and bucked up for 6 more hours.  Ryan was in for a real treat.  Our family has a box of mixed CDs with labels like “Karen 1,” “Happy birthday Dad!” “Mom Christmas,” “Pittsburgh 2014,” “Mix 4,” that we listened to the whole time.  Greg played RollerCoaster Tycoon in the back seat, named guests based on people we know, and updated us on whether or not they got sick from the rides.   The seven of us–including Siri–had a fun car ride up through our 2:30am arrival.IMG_1253

The wedding was at 1pm the next day, so we had plenty of time to sleep in and get ready before driving to the ceremony, held at a church near Erie.  My mom’s whole side of the family was there, and it was fun to see everyone!  Pat and Abbey had a nice traditional Catholic wedding ceremony (I think? I’m not Catholic), and I am happy to welcome Abbey to the family! 🙂

We had a few hours to kill between the wedding and reception, so we (my mom, dad, Laura, Greg, Ryan, and I) drove to all over town in search of a particular nostalgic pizza place, and it took us three tries to find one that wasn’t closed down.  It was a hangry adventure…by the time we ate “lunch,” it was 3:00pm and we joked that we’d be the first table served dinner at the reception two hours later.  And wouldn’t that be funny?  Haha well we were, but we managed to eat again because the food was so delicious.

The wedding reception was a blast!! This family knows how to party…there were glow sticks and glow foam tubes everywhere to bring to the dance floor, and the song selection was a good mix of older songs and top 40’s.  There was also a candy bar, which was a big hit.

I was happy to spend time with cousins that I usually see once or twice a year.  Laura and I tried to take a sista pic, and three (two and a cousin-to-be) jumped right in!IMG_1271

Ryan met sooo many people.IMG_1261

One of my favorite parts of the wedding was helping my grandma fix her hearing aid.  It just needed a new battery, but I felt pretty savvy using my school skills in real life.  Ryan captured this glory moment.IMG_1299

So, fun weekend!  Lots of traveling, lots of family time.  No workouts (read on).

Knee update:

Over the past week, my knee pain progressed to the point where it hurt to elliptical and intermittently hurt to walk (not sure what made my knee so mad because I didn’t even run).  Walking across campus was PAINFUL, and then going up the stairs of the parking garage hurt so bad it made me nauseous (this parking garage does not have an elevator).

I basically took a full week of rest and things didn’t get better, so I made an orthopedic appointment for this morning (Tuesday).  X-rays looked fine and poking/proding/bending didn’t hurt…basically we didn’t find anything wrong, which was technically good but super frustrating because it still hurts to walk.  I’m getting an MRI on Saturday morning to rule out a meniscus tear.  ITBS is still a big suspect, but I would have thought IT-band pain would chill out after a week of rest.  Booooo.

Nothing like ending a post on a downer, so here is a picture of my froyo date last week with Erin and Stacy to brighten things up.

Wedding songs: Top hits or old classics?
Is Christmas music playing on your radio stations yet??

Halloween food fest

Hello and happy November! Great weekend here.  Ryan drove up on Friday evening, and we celebrated Halloween by dressing up and getting Halloween discounts.  It was a last-minute thing, so I ran to Walmart on Thursday night to pull together costumes for us.  My motto is cheap, easy, and comfortable, and I think they turned out quite nicely… IMG_1215 The sun and the sky My friend Hipster Cinderella, formerly known as Erin, was down for the food fest with us, so we picked her up and drove to Chipotle (we went to the one on campus first and it was paaaacked, so we turned right around and went to a different one). IMG_1234 “Cindi” and the sky.  Her sign says “Glass slippers are so before midnight.” Too bad we didn’t get her sparkly moccasins in the picture.. We people-watched, costume-critiqued, played with Erin’s squeaky rat toy (definitely more hip than a mouse), and ate “booritos.”

I would like to share Ryan’s awe-inspiring feat with the internet: THREE Chipotle meals in one sitting.  Tacos, a burrito bowl, and a burrito.

Impressive, Ryan, very impressive. My favorite part of the night might have been watching Ryan try to buckle…he had a pillow under his shirt to be round like the sun, and I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it after the stunning burrito performance.  But we did, and then we got froyo. IMG_1210 Urban Swirl had “fill your cup for $4” and the Pink Walrus had 30% off, and after serious consideration, we decided on Urban Swirl. IMG_1228 Also known as “the only time I’ve gotten fruit on my froyo because it has more water weight than chocolate…but water weight doesn’t matter when you fill your cup for $4”

So we were incredibly full.  Ryan joked that he was going to be a supernova (haha!), but it was a lot of fun.

The reason our Halloween adventure was so last-minute was because this weekend was supposed to be race weekend!  I ended up not running at all, but I originally planned on the Indy Monumental half with my running friends…and then decided to do a low-key half/5k close to home with my dad and sister…and then decided not to run at all because my knee is too wonky.  I was bummed that I didn’t get to race, but I really can’t complain because I got to wear clouds, hang out with Ryan, and eat a lot of frozen yogurt.  But congratulations to my friends who ran the Indy full and half, and to my dad and sister who ran a different half and 5k!

My dad sent me the “father-daughter post race pic.”  Totally jealous 😉IMG_1239 The only other festive things Ryan and I did over the weekend were 1. scope out the 50% off Halloween candy at Walgreens and 2. search the radio for Christmas stations (…that may have just been me).

We spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday studying, aside from a quick grocery trip and a few meal breaks. IMG_1238 Ryan is awesome for offering to make all of the food while I study.

Workouts from the week:

Monday: 40 minute full body strength with weights–this was an experimental way-too-early morning workout.  Mondays & Tuesdays are full days of clinic with over an hour drive each way, so I wanted to see how I liked getting up extra early on one of the days instead of having two rest days in a row.  Long story short…I didn’t.  I’ll either search hard for evening motivation or take the two rest days in a row.
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 60 min AMT
Thursday: 60 min AMT
Friday: 4 x (5 min run + strength)= 1 hour total
Saturday: 4 x (5 min run + strength)= 1 hour total Sunday: Rest

I also did hip/glute strength (these exercises <–this routine is also good for maintenance if you’re not injured!) 3x this week, so hopefully it’s helping!

Did you celebrate Halloween? What was the most creative costume you saw??