Halloween food fest

Hello and happy November! Great weekend here.  Ryan drove up on Friday evening, and we celebrated Halloween by dressing up and getting Halloween discounts.  It was a last-minute thing, so I ran to Walmart on Thursday night to pull together costumes for us.  My motto is cheap, easy, and comfortable, and I think they turned out quite nicely… IMG_1215 The sun and the sky My friend Hipster Cinderella, formerly known as Erin, was down for the food fest with us, so we picked her up and drove to Chipotle (we went to the one on campus first and it was paaaacked, so we turned right around and went to a different one). IMG_1234 “Cindi” and the sky.  Her sign says “Glass slippers are so before midnight.” Too bad we didn’t get her sparkly moccasins in the picture.. We people-watched, costume-critiqued, played with Erin’s squeaky rat toy (definitely more hip than a mouse), and ate “booritos.”

I would like to share Ryan’s awe-inspiring feat with the internet: THREE Chipotle meals in one sitting.  Tacos, a burrito bowl, and a burrito.

Impressive, Ryan, very impressive. My favorite part of the night might have been watching Ryan try to buckle…he had a pillow under his shirt to be round like the sun, and I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it after the stunning burrito performance.  But we did, and then we got froyo. IMG_1210 Urban Swirl had “fill your cup for $4” and the Pink Walrus had 30% off, and after serious consideration, we decided on Urban Swirl. IMG_1228 Also known as “the only time I’ve gotten fruit on my froyo because it has more water weight than chocolate…but water weight doesn’t matter when you fill your cup for $4”

So we were incredibly full.  Ryan joked that he was going to be a supernova (haha!), but it was a lot of fun.

The reason our Halloween adventure was so last-minute was because this weekend was supposed to be race weekend!  I ended up not running at all, but I originally planned on the Indy Monumental half with my running friends…and then decided to do a low-key half/5k close to home with my dad and sister…and then decided not to run at all because my knee is too wonky.  I was bummed that I didn’t get to race, but I really can’t complain because I got to wear clouds, hang out with Ryan, and eat a lot of frozen yogurt.  But congratulations to my friends who ran the Indy full and half, and to my dad and sister who ran a different half and 5k!

My dad sent me the “father-daughter post race pic.”  Totally jealous 😉IMG_1239 The only other festive things Ryan and I did over the weekend were 1. scope out the 50% off Halloween candy at Walgreens and 2. search the radio for Christmas stations (…that may have just been me).

We spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday studying, aside from a quick grocery trip and a few meal breaks. IMG_1238 Ryan is awesome for offering to make all of the food while I study.

Workouts from the week:

Monday: 40 minute full body strength with weights–this was an experimental way-too-early morning workout.  Mondays & Tuesdays are full days of clinic with over an hour drive each way, so I wanted to see how I liked getting up extra early on one of the days instead of having two rest days in a row.  Long story short…I didn’t.  I’ll either search hard for evening motivation or take the two rest days in a row.
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 60 min AMT
Thursday: 60 min AMT
Friday: 4 x (5 min run + strength)= 1 hour total
Saturday: 4 x (5 min run + strength)= 1 hour total Sunday: Rest

I also did hip/glute strength (these exercises <–this routine is also good for maintenance if you’re not injured!) 3x this week, so hopefully it’s helping!

Did you celebrate Halloween? What was the most creative costume you saw??


11 thoughts on “Halloween food fest

  1. I love your costumes – especially Ryan’s pillow 😀 I celebrated Halloween the cheap and comfortable way and dressed as Sporty Spice! Yay for wind pants.

    $4 froyo is a pretty good deal!!! I try to limit how much I put in a bowl and always come out over $5 😦

  2. MAD respect to Ryan! I am super impressed and a little jealous of his Chipotle skills. Haha! $4 froyo fillup… I could do baaaddd things 🙂
    I’m sorry your knee was troublesome I hope taking it easy helps!!

  3. hahahaha love the sun & sky costumes! Super clever! Also, am I understanding that Ryan ate 3 entire chipotle meals?! HOW IS THAT EVEN HUMANLY POSSIBLE? perhaps he should start training for that hot dog eating contest next 4th of july??? And hahaha I totally think the same way with froyo– I rarely get fruit because it is just so heavy!

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