HBD to Laura and a wedding


First up….HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my older sister Laura!
Here’s a festive throwback to celebrate.23751_311412521935_1593538_n

My family was together ALLLL last weekend to travel to Pennsylvania for my cousin Pat’s wedding.  We decided to drive the 6 hours from homeland Cincinnati late Friday night instead of early Saturday morning, so I had to hit the road to Cincy asap after class on Friday.  I stopped in Indy to pick up Ryan, and he kindly offered to drive the rest of the way to Cincy…possibly after watching my pathetic “drive-reverse-drive-reverse” attempt to parallel park (baby-version parallel park because I had two car-lengths of room).  Um last week was a long week.  Anyway, we rocked out to the radio (I couldn’t find Christmas music yet!), chatted, and made a mental family tree of everyone he was going to meet over the weekend.

Two hours later, we got to my house, moved our bags to my family’s van, and bucked up for 6 more hours.  Ryan was in for a real treat.  Our family has a box of mixed CDs with labels like “Karen 1,” “Happy birthday Dad!” “Mom Christmas,” “Pittsburgh 2014,” “Mix 4,” that we listened to the whole time.  Greg played RollerCoaster Tycoon in the back seat, named guests based on people we know, and updated us on whether or not they got sick from the rides.   The seven of us–including Siri–had a fun car ride up through our 2:30am arrival.IMG_1253

The wedding was at 1pm the next day, so we had plenty of time to sleep in and get ready before driving to the ceremony, held at a church near Erie.  My mom’s whole side of the family was there, and it was fun to see everyone!  Pat and Abbey had a nice traditional Catholic wedding ceremony (I think? I’m not Catholic), and I am happy to welcome Abbey to the family! 🙂

We had a few hours to kill between the wedding and reception, so we (my mom, dad, Laura, Greg, Ryan, and I) drove to all over town in search of a particular nostalgic pizza place, and it took us three tries to find one that wasn’t closed down.  It was a hangry adventure…by the time we ate “lunch,” it was 3:00pm and we joked that we’d be the first table served dinner at the reception two hours later.  And wouldn’t that be funny?  Haha well we were, but we managed to eat again because the food was so delicious.

The wedding reception was a blast!! This family knows how to party…there were glow sticks and glow foam tubes everywhere to bring to the dance floor, and the song selection was a good mix of older songs and top 40’s.  There was also a candy bar, which was a big hit.

I was happy to spend time with cousins that I usually see once or twice a year.  Laura and I tried to take a sista pic, and three (two and a cousin-to-be) jumped right in!IMG_1271

Ryan met sooo many people.IMG_1261

One of my favorite parts of the wedding was helping my grandma fix her hearing aid.  It just needed a new battery, but I felt pretty savvy using my school skills in real life.  Ryan captured this glory moment.IMG_1299

So, fun weekend!  Lots of traveling, lots of family time.  No workouts (read on).

Knee update:

Over the past week, my knee pain progressed to the point where it hurt to elliptical and intermittently hurt to walk (not sure what made my knee so mad because I didn’t even run).  Walking across campus was PAINFUL, and then going up the stairs of the parking garage hurt so bad it made me nauseous (this parking garage does not have an elevator).

I basically took a full week of rest and things didn’t get better, so I made an orthopedic appointment for this morning (Tuesday).  X-rays looked fine and poking/proding/bending didn’t hurt…basically we didn’t find anything wrong, which was technically good but super frustrating because it still hurts to walk.  I’m getting an MRI on Saturday morning to rule out a meniscus tear.  ITBS is still a big suspect, but I would have thought IT-band pain would chill out after a week of rest.  Booooo.

Nothing like ending a post on a downer, so here is a picture of my froyo date last week with Erin and Stacy to brighten things up.

Wedding songs: Top hits or old classics?
Is Christmas music playing on your radio stations yet??


14 thoughts on “HBD to Laura and a wedding

  1. Bad news about the knee – I hope you can figure out. But fun weekend – and kudos to your boyfriend for meeting the WHOLE family. Our wedding was full of cheesy classics and I loved it. But not ready for Christmas songs just yet. Give me a couple of weeks.

  2. Sorry to hear about the knee 😦 I LOOOOOVE that you reviewed your family tree with Ryan on the way to the wedding, I always make Mike and his family do that with me too!! One time I went to one of their family parties completely unprepared and didn’t know who like 80% of the people were… NEVER AGAIN. hahah!

  3. Hahaha that picture is too cute!

    Those family CDs sound nothing short of absolutely fabulous, That totally throws me back to the days of Napster!
    Congratulations to your cousin! I completely approve of their decision to have a candy bar. That and at least two GIANT cakes are musts at my one day wedding 🙂

    So sorry about your knee, but I am so happy for you that you are getting an MRI! When I had my stress fracture, it was improperly treated for MONTHS leading to all sorts of issues. All I needed was an MRI to properly diagnose it so we could treat it correctly!
    Good luck!

  4. Liked for that adorable pic (happy birthday to your sis!), but I’m so so so sorry about your knee. 😦 I hope you can get some good answers from your MRI. In the meantime, definitely put some fro yo on it. I approve of that sort of cheering up. 🙂

  5. BLERGH, nothing is worse than being injured and not even really knowing why or how :(. sorry to hear that. in other news, i laughed at the traditional catholic call-out! anthony and i had a traditional catholic mass that went waaaaay off track (our priest got a little lost) and we were mortified for like 2 seconds and then remembered there were basically no catholics in the pews anyways, so nobody would ever know. ha.

  6. Hope it’s not too serious, but at the same time I know how frustrating it is to not have an explanation for the pain. Looks like the wedding was fun, my favorite wedding song is… I don’t know I just love to dance at weddings! My mom’s is definitely Cupid Shuffle though haha

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