Thanksgiving 2014

Goodbye November!  Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday.  A good reminder to stop and think about what you’re thankful for.

Ryan’s family welcomed me over for Thanksgiving again, and I had a wonderful time.  It’s always fun to see his parents and sisters and their families…and play with two adorable little kids.  Tucker the Dog and I also had a lot to catch up on since we hadn’t Skyped in several months.

We talked, played a few extreme rounds of the ever-evolving game of Tonto (cards), built and smashed Lego towers, sang along to Christmas music and Disney favorites while Ryan and his sister played piano, and enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner.  The Thanksgiving meal in general features my favorite food group (bread, bread, stuffing, stuffing), but Ryan’s dad’s red beans & rice, and his mom’s hummus were also so delicious that I can’t even pick a favorite food item from the weekend.

Ryan and I had our annual Thanksgiving photo shoot.  Behold what is possibly the best photo of us ever taken, and photo credit and shout out to Ryan’s mom.DSCN1930

I didn’t run at all (theme of the month), but Ryan and I managed to fit in two solid strength workouts–one in my apartment fitness center on Thanksgiving morning, and one in his basement the day after Thanksgiving.

We created the basement workout by taking turns adding exercise moves to create the list below while watching Hitch (the movie was hilarious).  It took almost an hour to go through the list four times on Friday morning, and I’m really proud of us because it was hard.IMG_1408

The only change is that instead of actually jump roping, we hopped around to “Today’s Hits” Pandora and called it the dance break.  And then Ryan lifted weights for a few minutes and I lifted one weight one time.


And since we’re allowed to listen to Christmas music now (I mean, I’ve been okay with it since November 1, but for the sticklers), here’s the Pentatonix (a cappella) version of Mary, Did You Know?, in case you haven’t heard it.

Did you run a turkey trot?
What’s one thing you’re thankful for?


9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2014

  1. Haha I totally love your substitute for jumping rope, it sounds like way more fun anyways 🙂
    I’m glad yall had such a wonderful thanksgiving! That’s neat that Ryan’s dad makes such awesome red beans and rice! Is he from Cajun country?

  2. HAHAHA omg this post was amazing…. “bread, bread, stuffing, stuffing” and “but for the sticklers”… you are hilarious! also that is a really great picture of you two! and a very hardcore workout… 4x though?? dannnng.

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