studying, Frosty, and froyo

Hello!  Okay, quick post because I’m having some serious focus issues.  Next week is finals week and this week is…well, the week before finals week. I’m trying really hard to get in “the zone” and prep a presentation for tomorrow, but I got distracted by the rain pitter-pattering on my window and moved to my couch to watch it, and now I’m writing a blog post.

Ready for an exciting weekend recap?  Ryan drove up to join me for a weekend of studying, reading, writing papers, and finishing presentations.  We worked so hard on Saturday afternoon that when the evening rolled around, I was burnt out and wanted nothing more in the world than Netflix and ice cream.  We scrolled through the Netflix documentaries and ended up watching two food/nutrition-related ones: Forks over Knives and Hungry for Change.  They were interesting!  I mean… I was eating chicken while watching a documentary promoting veganism and still wanted ice cream, but I was inspired to eat more veggies.

On Sunday, we went on a date to Sam’s Club (it took me six tries to find directions to Sam’s from church because I typed in “Costco” the first five times) where we LOADED the cart with bulk-sized vegetables of every kind.
Cashier: “Wow, you have all kinds of healthy things in that cart!”
Me: “Yeah, we watched a documentary on healthy food last night…”

We meandered through the book section, where I found this special story that changed my life almost 25 years ago.IMG_1429

Once upon a time, in January/February of 1990, my sister Laura was two years old and about to get a baby sister.  Her favorite movie was Frosty the Snowman, and she walked around the house with her imaginary friend “Karen” from the movie (for those who haven’t seen Frosty, Karen is the cute little girl in the red dress above who is basically awesome).  When her sister was born on February 1, the baby didn’t have a name for a few days…and then she was named Karen, after the girl in Frosty the Snowman. #namesake

And one last photo, since I’m thinking about changing my running blog to a frozen yogurt blog.IMG_1419Last week, my froyo4lyfe partner Andrea was busy after our hour-drive Thursday class, so she missed out on the weekly fro-date.  Lauren and I carried on the tradition, just in time for the first day of the winter styles/flavors.

Still no running for me.  My right knee is on-again-off-again hurting when I walk, and it’s very confusing.  My PT gave me a strength routine that I’ve been doing for the past week and a half, mainly to stabilize my SI joint on the right side and strengthen my spine & hips on the weak side first and then both sides.  I haven’t run more than half a mile in almost two months, but I’ve been alternating between strength workouts, spinning/biking, and lots and lots of rest.  I’m sad but it could be worse.  My original goal was to run by Christmas but now my goal is to be able to run a half marathon by the end of March…because I’m already registered.  It’s a marathon relay I’m running with my Dad, and if I’m not healed up by then, he might be running a surprise full marathon! 😉

Were you named after anyone?
Documentary recommendations?


10 thoughts on “studying, Frosty, and froyo

  1. The story about your name is way too cute! Forks Over Knives is my uncle’s favorite documentary!! He has a cookbook based on the China study and it has DELICIOUS recipes. Going vegan would be tough, though. I’m off to eat some peppermint ice cream now ;). I just watched Inequality for All on Netflix and it was pretty interesting!

    Good luck with your final weeks of school!!!!

  2. Hahahahaha that’s so cute about Frosty the Snowman!
    Im so sorry about your knee thatmust be so frustrating I hope you do start to feel better soon!

    At least there’s always Froyo 🙂

    Good luck on finals!

  3. That’s a great naming story. 🙂

    My parents didn’t name me after anyone. My dad actually lobbied for my name because it can’t be shortened like “Michelle” (the name my mom wanted) can be.

    Hmmm… Documentaries… Well, if you haven’t already seen “Spirit of the Marathon” or its sequel, you should watch those. I also think that “Blackfish” is great.

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