Christmas break! and first run back

Cue the Hallelujah Chorus, this semester is OVER.  Perfect timing because Christmas is in less than one week (wut?) and I have some gift-shopping, hot chocolate-drinking, cookie-eating, gingerbread house-making, Christmas music-listening to fun to catch up on.  Also some Gossip Girl-watching to do.  Did I mention that Erin and I chose Gossip Girl as our next Netflix drama? I just started season 3.

And more news…I went on my first run in two months!  2 slow social miles.  My friend Erin just finished a 12-week rest period for a pelvic stress fracture, so about 15 of us gathered together last Saturday for a celebratory 2 miles + breakfast.  I was a little nervous to run 2 miles after two months of not running, but I couldn’t turn down the perfect occasion to try.  I’ve been doing the PT exercises for my hip/knee 5x per week for a solid 3 weeks so far, and I think/hope I’m turning a corner.  Anyway, I survived–with super mild pain that was more like a “feeling of awareness that my knee was there” that didn’t get worse as I went.  I was expecting to walk, so hooray!  Even more exciting, I ran 3 miles yesterday and my knee felt better than it did during the 2 miles.

No pictures of the first run back (run blog fail), so here are some random pictures:

My sister Laura gave me a coupon for a free Nutella (thanks Laura!), so Ryan and I got the  necessities.  I had been craving cookies & cream ice cream since we watched Forks over Knives & Hungry for Change last weekend (someone was eating cookies & cream ice cream in a “don’t do this” type of scene, ha)

This package of k-cups arrived on my door step before exam week from a very thoughtful boyfriend.  They are mostly cake-flavored and really good.

I found my new favorite workout for when I can’t run: 5 x (cycle 5 minutes + bodyweight circuit).  I switch up the strength circuit, but it’s usually about 5 minutes and has a mixture of squats + push ups+ planks + ab moves.
I really like when there are spin bikes that you can use outside of spin class!

I’ve been doing a lot of strength training since I haven’t been able to run for a few weeks, and Ryan and I created a “push” workout last Saturday and a “pull” workout last Sunday.  I definitely prefer running over weight training, but it’s been nice to switch it up and double nice to workout with Ryan!

I hit up the library yesterday to get a few easy reads, and I’m excited to relax without feeling like I should be reading a textbook.  Book recommendations?

Do you run alone or with people?
What do you enjoy more: baking Christmas cookies or eating Christmas cookies?


8 thoughts on “Christmas break! and first run back

  1. Holy cow! I didn’t realize it ha been so long since your last run. Congratulations on your first run back, wohooooo, an on being done with the semester!!!

    That box full of Kcups is just beautiful haha!
    When I have been injured, I have to say, some days it can feel rather fun to focus on strength. I really o love the empowering feeling it leaves me with, cliché as it may sound!

    LOVE running with people! Just wish I did so more often!

  2. Oh man. I quit watching gossip girl around the time they went to college! I need to start up again. Someone spoiled the end of the series for me, though. I already know who the gossip girl is HAHA.

    I definitely prefer eating cookies over baking them 🙂

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