Weekend recap: another wedding, some runs

Hope you’ve had a nice start to CHRISTMAS WEEK!

I fully embraced the relaxation of Christmas break today and did nothing productive all morning and afternoon (except go for a slow four mile run and send one school-related email), and then I babysat three of my favorite kids in the evening.

We created our own little monsters for a game, and they were pretty cute…

But let’s go back to the weekend.  My family was in Pennsylvania for my cousin Andy’s wedding, the second in our series of “That time five boy cousins were engaged at once,” also known as “Did I wear this dress last time?” also known as “Maybe I’ll finally learn the Electric Slide.”  I love weddings, and it’s fun to spend more time with extended family and welcome in a new member.

Like the wedding we went to a few weeks ago, my family left after work on Friday for the 5-hour drive to Pittsburgh.  We listened to our “special box of mixed CDs”, and this trip particularly highlighted hits from the musicals Godspell and Across the Universe.  We arrived to my Grandma’s house by 1am and went right to bed.

The next morning, we listened to Christmas music and played cards with my Grandma at the kitchen table for a few hours…our love of card playing spans generations.  At my house, we usually play Tonto, Euchure, or Up & Down the River, but the official game of my Grandma’s house is Hand and Foot, so that’s what we played.  Five rounds (and five losses? I don’t remember) later, my dad and I laced up for a quick run around the block.  We were short on time and I’m just getting back from an injury, so we went 4 easy miles, and thankfully, my knee was okay as long as I focused on my form!

Then we went to the wedding!  We have a huge extended family, so we took up the first few pews at the church and had a perfect view of the beautiful ceremony.  Welcome to the family, Alise!

We went right to the reception afterward, and Laura, Greg, and I found our place at #Table17 with a few cousins and other youngish people.  We made new friends and challenged each other in Trivia Crack, which is apparently the hot new app according to the trendy people at the table (aka not me; I just got snapchat a few weeks ago).

Sibs at the reception:
Laura, Greg, me

The reception was a blast!  We danced, danced, took breaks to explore the 25 different kinds of cookies at the cookie table, and danced.

The next morning, my dad and I ran another short and sweet 4 miles and finished just as one of his sisters and her family drove up to send us off.  More family ended up coming over as well, so we all hung out for a while, recapped the wedding, reminisced this trip, and laughed a lot.

Always a good time with the cousins. IMG_1465
My grandma made my scarf!

I hit the library before the trip, and I started reading Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore on the car ride home.  Good so far!

Can you knit, crochet, or do crafty things?
What card game do you most often play?


12 thoughts on “Weekend recap: another wedding, some runs

  1. Found your blog last week 🙂 Nice job on your injury free runs! I can actually knit and have been doing it since I’m 8. I’ve made everything from socks to scarves, sweaters, afghans, etc. The past four years I knitted Christmas ornaments, changing up the pattern each year. Everyone seems to love them!

  2. Those markers in your first pic give me the urge to start drawing something… but I am def not really crafty. haha. My mom recently took up looming (kinda like crocheting I guess?) and made me a hat! It’s currently lost somewhere in the postal service (booo) but I thought that was pretty cool that she can make legit hats like that! and MERRY EARLY CHRISTMAS!!!

  3. I can kinda do crafty things but not knit or crochet. Weddings are so fun! I’m glad your knew is feeling better, I”ve been on a running hiatus thanks to my sickness, plus my new puppy is keeping (guilting) me from taking much time for myself

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