Merry Christmas! a few days late…

Hope you are enjoying the last few days of 2014!  I’m still on winter break for two more weeks before ***my final semester of classes…ever?*** starts, so I’m soaking up a relaxing, card-playing, library book-reading, restful stay at my parents’ house.

My family had a lovely Christmas 2014.  As soon as we got back from Pittsburgh last Sunday, we switched into Festive Mode: Extreme and cranked the holiday tunes, baked a ton of cookies, bought and wrapped last minutes gifts (or all gifts, in some cases), and decorated the tree!

My frosted forest:

An awkward ornament to warm your Christmas spirit.  Goes to show I’ve always been a suck up, and Laura’s always been fashionable.

On Christmas morning, we opened gifts, ate breakfast together, played cards, and just hung out for a while.  Since this is a running blog and all, I’ll highlight the workout.  My dad and I have a tradition of a father-daughter Christmas day workout, and this year, we did a brick (bike + run) after brunch digested.  We started with a 45 minute bike in the garage and then ran 4 easy miles together.

Later that afternoon, Ryan came to stay for a few days!  Christmas is actually his birthday, so we got to celebrate an extra holiday at my house this year, complete with a cookie cake, the happy birthday song, and a makeshift candle.  Happy birthday Ryan, and thanks for spending it with all of us 🙂IMG_1491

The next few days after that were a blur of good times and good cookies.  We played SO MANY GAMES–Tonto, Euchre, Hand & Foot, Phase 10, Tripoly, Quelf, and Telestrations.  We’re game people.IMG_1479A perfectly executed Jackpot hand in Tonto

We had a few other fun things sprinkled in there…We finally saw the “new” Hunger Games movie, met some friends for dinner, held Trivia Crack challenges from the same room, and did I mention we played card games?

I am happy that Ryan likes to work out too, so we were able to do that together.  I enjoyed my Christmas bike experience so much (ha) that Ryan and I held our own little spin class the next day.  We had a 60 minute bike with a tempo ladder in the middle, and it was good.IMG_1493

We went on a rainy, dreary run together somewhere in there.

I’m up to 5 miles now with some mild and intermittent knee pain, which is a major improvement from not being able to walk without pain a month ago.  I’m still having SI-joint issues though—I had a PT appointment over the weekend, and he found that my right hip had rotated again, so he pushed it back into place and scheduled me for a follow-up in a few days.  Still not in the clear, but 5 miles is the longest I’ve been able to do in a few weeks (months?), so that’s improvement.

A great Christmas and start to winter break!  I’m hoping to do some sort of [running?] 2014 recap in the next few days, so stay tuned!

Did you get anything running-related for Christmas?
How did you spend your holiday?


9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas! a few days late…

  1. Your cookies look DELISH! And very well decorated 🙂

    I can’t wait for my last full semester of school starting in January!!!! I still am technically there in the summer, but not really. We can get through this school year 😀

    Happy birthday to Ryan!! Its so cute that you two enjoy working out together.

    Enjoy the last two weeks of break!!!

  2. I ate a few too many cookies too – it’s all good!
    I got a lot of running related things for Christmas: winter pants, headlamp, 21.1k road id thing for my bracelet and a winter hate with pony tail holder 🙂

  3. LOVE that you have that tradition with your dad! I was so exited to get my mom out on Christmas Day! Normally if she doesn’t run at the crak of dawn, she doesn’t run.

    Yeyyy I’m so glad you were able to run 5 and hope the PT can clear up the lingering pain!

    That’s neat your family is such a game family! What is your favorite?

    And happy birthday Ryan!

    • that’s awesome that you ran with your mom on Christmas too! 🙂

      favorite game…that’s a hard one. I like most card games, but we played a new board game called Telestrations (like telephone + pictionary), and it was hilarious

  4. aww, happy birthday to Ryan! Your christmas looks like it was super fun! So cute that you and your dad work out every christmas! I did the opposite of working out… just laid on the couch eating SO much food. whoops.

  5. My sister actually made me a super cute medal hook/holder and I love it! I love that you and your dad work out together, my dad’s goal for 2015 is a half with me and I’m so excited to run with him!

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