School again and the end of winter break

Guess what day it is?!
We heralded the first day of our last semester of class with three 2-hour classes (woo every Monday!) but I think we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, so that’ll get us through the semester.  And through the winter.

Oh the winter.  We had some nasty ice/snow/slush coming from the sky all night, so roads were a wet mess this morning.  I took a rest day from running and/or the gym to give myself plenty of time for the drive this morning….but it’s all good because I’m still riding the high from my TOTALLY pain-free treadmill run on Sunday!

Ryan and I went to the Indy YMCA on Sunday morning for a quick workout.  I’m not joking about the quick part–the fire alarm went off 33 minutes into our workouts and they were wishy-washy about whether to evacuate the building (um?), so they shepherded us halfway out, and then Ryan and I just left.  But not before I fit in four solid miles on the treadmill!  And with a right knee that felt like it was made out of gold…or at least a healthy human joint again.IMG_1564There’s the fire truck in the back!

Hopefully (fingers crossed!) I’m on the upswing because this was the first time my knee has felt completely normal.  Over winter break, I went on a few short runs both outside and on the treadmill at my house, but my knee felt a little twingy, so I turned into a biker.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t so bad!  I watched Gilmore Girls or Glee on the easy bike days and listened to 90’s hits on the interval days.

Back to the weekend.  After we left the Y, Ryan and I had a picnic lunch on his living room floor because sometimes it’s just more fun to eat on the floor.  He made veggie chili that was hands-down the best veggie chili I’ve ever had, even with the new-to-us meat substitute that was really a fungi.  He also introduced me to honey vanilla almond milk, which was delicious and made my coffee taste like birthday cake frosting.


Then we bundled up and spent the rest of the afternoon at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

We saw some crazy cool exhibits.IMG_1574

And admired the enormity and endless possibility of this room.IMG_1591

And of course took the cheesiest picture we’ve ever taken.

Oh…and I started my next book in the 2015 Reading Challenge (here’s the list, in case you’re interested!)
Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 12.12.21 PM

I’m reading Karen by Marie Killilea for the “memoir” category.  Karen was born with cerebral palsy in the 1940’s, when cerebral palsy was “unknown territory” with little research.  This book is her mother’s account of their family’s experience with figuring out cerebral palsy, and it’s fascinating!  This book pulled me right in.

Tips for staying entertained on the treadmill?
How’s your weather?


19 thoughts on “School again and the end of winter break

  1. Congrats on that knee, so exciting! I play around with the speed and incline a lot, loud music, tv, and Serial (duh). Basically I’m super all over the place, but whatever can get me through! Also, yay for last first day ever, it’ll fly by!

  2. Yeyyyyy! Woho for your first pain-free run, I hope it keeps that way!

    That must feel so crazy to have started your last semester of school, congratulations!

    If I’m running steady, as in not doing intervals or something, I like to read runners world on the treadmill ha ha.

  3. Our weather is terrible! So there’s been a lot of treadmilling it. I don’t mind though. I’m one of those weirdos that likes the treadmill.

    Congrats on the start of your last semester!! That’s so exciting!

  4. So happy for you for 2 reasons: your knee is feeling better and that it was your last first day of class!!! Congrats!! Best feeling ever! I am in the same boat 🙂

    I can only entertain myself on the treadmill if I have a lot of thinking to do, am watching bad reality TV, or change the speed frequently… I dislike the treadmill, but I dislike running in the cold even more!

  5. Amazing! That was the book that I read in grade school that made me want to become a physical therapist!I I still remember it clearly. When you finish it we have got to talk! And I’m glad your knee is feeling better.

  6. Treadmills are really tough! I’ve been opting for the treadmill because the roads are just too icy. Lately I’ve been trying to fill the void of no more new Serial episodes with other podcasts. Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me is great for some casual lonely laughs in the gym

  7. Oh my god! Your reading list is great!!!! You and your sister have definitely improved upon the Pop Sugar one! I’m totally inspired. And seriously. They don’t really evacuate? That was a hook and ladder right? Yipes! I’m laughing at the vanilla almond milk in your coffee. It really does taste like frosting! 🙂

  8. YAY for no knee pain *knock on wood*!! Ugh I have no tips for treadmill running- I can BARELY get through 3 miles. Like it seriously feels like a 10 mile run. Actually I’d rather do a 10 mile run outdoors than a 3 mile one on a treadmill.

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