Weekend randoms and fun workouts

Hello!  Hope you’re having a nice weekend.  Ryan and I just finished a killer workout, and then he left early for his long drive home because it’s sleeting.  I guess I can’t complain too much since it’s been relatively warm, but ugh winter.

Ryan and I had two really great workouts this weekend.  Last winter, I got up super early on Saturdays to run with friends and freeze our butts off, and it was awesome.  This winter, Ryan and I have been doing cardio + strength circuits on both Saturday and Sunday mornings, and it’s a different kind of awesome.  We watch VH1 music video countdowns and work our muscles.  Our workouts this weekend were set up a little different from what we normally do, and I really liked them!  In case you’re looking for something different:

Workout One: 12 x (5 min AMRAP of circuit + 1 min rest).  We created 5 different circuits that each had four moves (e.g. 12 push ups + 10 lunge pulses + 8 reverse lunges + 6 burpees) and went through each circuit AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) for 5 minutes, rested for 1 minute, and then did it again.  It took a little over an hour to do all 5 different circuits twice, plus an extra “choose your favorite” two circuits at the end.  We used the Interval Timer app on my iPad to keep track of the 5:1 minute set-up, which worked out really well.  This workout was like sneaky hard…it didn’t feel like death during the workout, but it did after.

Workout Two: 3 x (10 min treadmill run + 10 min strength).  One person was on the treadmill while the other person did the strength circuit, and we switched every 10 minutes. On the treadmill, we tried to keep the incline high. I set the incline at a 4-5% grade on my first round, and when I got back on the treadmill, I saw that Ryan had it at 10%?! I cranked that sucker right back down. The strength set was AMRAP of a list we made (included burpees, weighted squats, weighted Russian twists, mountain climbers, supermans, donkey kicks, and push ups). The only change I’d make is to do a different strength circuit each time, but otherwise, this workout was a good change of pace.

Other weekend ramblings…

Ryan and I read and studied for a long time, and that about sums up the rest of the weekend.  I finished reading Karen (loved it!) last week and started Devil in the White City by Erik Larson (2015 reading challenge category= book with a color in the title).

We continued our reading spree at Barnes & Noble, where we sat on the floor in the running section for a long time.  Weird or not weird?

And weird or not weird that we had super healthy “experimental bean ball” wraps, squash, and brussels sprouts for lunch…and Taco Bell for dinner?  Just keeping our digestive systems guessing.

I also got two fun packages in the mail!

This is the running log that I’ve been using for years, and my 2015 log finally came in the mail.  I say that like I ordered it a while ago, but really I ordered it last week and kept track of my workouts on random scrap paper,

Looks like this on the outside:

And this on the inside:

The other fun package was from Shutterfly.  I ordered a pack of photo magnets from because there was a special deal and they were free, and I’m happy with how they turned out!  I’m also proud of myself for decorating the fridge…I’ve lived in the same place for over a year, and all of my picture frames are sitting on the floor.  The bottom left is Lake Erie, and the bottom right is on a flight to Montreal.

Have a good week!

Are you into decorating or a mega decorating procrastinator?
Do you use a running log?


13 thoughts on “Weekend randoms and fun workouts

  1. I love this running log!! It’s great! Now, I use a triathlon log, but I absolutely love logging my workouts! It’s so cool to look back and see what you have done and all that has been accomplished! Definitely motivating!! Great job on your workouts!! You rock! XOXO

  2. I’m a mega decorating procrastinator. If it wasn’t for mike forcing me to help him hang all our pics & stuff, I definitely would NEVER do it. Also I keep procrastinating buying things to decorate because I know we’re not going to be in this apt forever, so why decorate?! also I love that you guys watch vh1 vids while working out, that’s genius! so entertaining, haha

    • haha I feel the same way…is it worth the investment?
      glad you appreciate the VH1 videos–we started watching them during workouts because there was literally nothing else on TV but now they’re tradition!

  3. Ok, I know that music videos on tv get a bad wrap, but VH1’s music videos on the weekend mornings are AWESOME! Their Up and Coming artists are amazing an always end up being huge months later!

    Those look like really really awesome workouts! It definitely helps me commit to those types of workouts when I have someone to do them with me.

    I am TERRIBELE about keeping a running log! I actually got that Runner’s World log last year for Christmas but after like a month, gave it up. I love it in theory, but I rarely do it.

  4. Workout 2 sounds really fun! Maybe I’ll try it 🙂 I need something that will spice up my winter gym sessions.

    I had Taco Bell this weekend too!

    I’m a total decorating procrastinator. I’m moving out of my current apt sometime between this coming summer and fall… Soooo I feel that decorating is pointless. Plus, my apt is old and crummy, so I don’t care to deal with making it cute haha!

  5. Ooo I like your new running log! I want one! I’ve been realizing lately that I function a lot better when I write things down (which is why I now have a paper planner). Great workouts too! 🙂

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