Running lately

Hello, and happy Saturday!  I am enjoying a super low-key day.  I just got back from an easy 5-miler outside, and now I’m eating pancakes and deciding which direction to take my day.  Probably clothes shopping at the mall (still waiting for yoga pants to be the new dress pants) and one last hurrah through Sam’s Club.  My Sam’s Club membership expires tomorrow (on my birthday…doesn’t everyone want that as a gift?), and I don’t think I’ll renew it, so I have to make sure I’m all stocked up on my economy-sized food items.

But I want to chat about running today: this week in running, an injury update, and goals!

My longest run since the injury has been 6 miles, which I’ve done three times in the past two weeks, and I’m HOPING to run a 7 mile “Groundhog race” tomorrow (Sunday) near Indianapolis with a few friends.  We’re under a winter storm warning tonight through tomorrow though, so I have a feeling the race might get cancelled or the roads might be too messy for the hour drive.  Plus, my recovering glutes/hips/knee/ailment isn’t ready for slippery terrain yet.

This past week in running:
Monday: Rest.  Busy school day, and I was SO SORE from the weight workouts Ryan and I did over the weekend.
Tuesday: 5 treadmill miles, easy pace (8:39).  I listened to the first episode of Serial, and time has never passed so quickly on the treadmill! (Thanks for the recommendation, Kelly!).  I was only able to listen for about 30 minutes until my earbuds fell out because my ears were too sweaty, but that got me through the majority of the run.
Wednesday: 6 treadmill miles with 2 miles at “tempo lite” pace.  I want to ease my way back into speedwork, so I warmed up at an 8:30 pace and then varied the pace between a 7:45-8:00 for miles 4 & 5.  Felt good!
Thursday: Rest.  Busy day.
Friday: 60 minute circuit: 4 x (run 1/2 mile + 15 weighted squats, 15 push ups, 10 step ups, 10 burpees, 10 single leg bridges, 1:00 plank, 10 side plank dips, 20 leg lifts).
Saturday: 5 miles outside, easy pace (8:54).  This felt really hard, but I was happy to run outside.


Injury Update:
I don’t feel like I’m completely healed yet, but I’m definitely moving forward.
To back up a bit for anyone new, I’ve been dealing with right-side knee pain since a marathon last May, which slowly got worse and worse until it hurt to walk at the beginning of November.  I transitioned my workouts to the AMT (until that started to hurt my knee) and then to the ARC trainer (until that started to hurt my knee), and then finally settled on cycling and strength training with 1-4 rest days per week.  I’ve been working with a PT, but I only see him about once a month because he is in my hometown, a few hours away.

From what I understand about WHAT this injury is/was, it’s ITBS (IT-band syndrome) on the right side that is/was caused by my hips, sacrum, & lumbar spine rotating to the right.  This threw me for a loop because I think ITBS knee pain is usually the result of weak hip abductors on the same side, but my hips & glutes were weaker on the opposite side (left side).  My pelvis rotated to the stronger side (the right side), which caused a whole host of issues, including a leg length discrepancy, a weird foot strike to subconsciously compensate for the leg length issue, SI-joint dysfunction, and ITBS.  At least that was my interpretation of the million questions I asked my PT, so that may not be 100% accurate.  Anyway, he had me doing glute & hip strengthening exercises on my weaker side only (left side) for a few weeks, and now I’ve graduated to doing both sides.

I’m not the perfect patient, but I really like to run, so I’ve been trying hard to keep up with those PT exercises.  The entire routine is 8 moves and takes about an hour (who has time for that?), so I usually pick 3 moves and do two sets of 15 reps.

My favorite moves:

  1. Squats with resistance band around knees. Example.
  2. Bird-dog.  Example.
  3. Quadrupled Hip External Rotation. Example.
  4. Single leg deadlift (no weights). Example.

Aside from trying to do 15-20 minutes of hip & glute strength a day, I’m focusing on my running form—“tucking my tail” to help activate my glutes when I run.  As far as I can tell, it’s helping!

Running Goals

First and foremost, to stay injury-free.  Distance-wise, I’d like to be able to run 13 miles by the end of March, which should be fine.  I have a marathon relay the last weekend in March, and my leg is a half marathon.  There are a few other potential races I could do this spring, but we’ll see.  Pace-wise, I’m playing that by ear and not setting any goals yet.

So that’s where I am with running!  Enjoy the weekend!

Any good runs lately?
Where do you put your key when you run? (I had a moment of panic this morning when I forgot that I tied it to my shoe and couldn’t find it in my pocket).


7 thoughts on “Running lately

  1. Good decision with Sam’s… you definitely should go with Costco 🙂
    I’m glad you feel like your injury is progressing! It certainly seems like you are doing everything you possibly can to help it out!

    I actually tie my keys into my double knotted shoes. I used to put it in my shorts/tight pockets but have had multiple pairs where the key has bored a hole through the pocket so now I am too nervous to keep it there!

  2. I’m glad you’re liking Serial, I’m sad it’s over but it was so interesting! I’m glad your injury is healing, it sounds like you did the right thing taking it slow 🙂 As for my keys, they go either in the built in pocket in some of my leggings and shorts or in my sports bra haha, I completely forget they’re in there after a few minutes!

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