25th birthday and SNOW

Hi! Anyone else get pounded with snow on Sunday? IMG_1692 My running pals and I skipped the Groundhog 7-mile race on Sunday because it was blizzarding out, and instead, we met up late morning to run.  We trudged through slushy snow and got pelted in the face with ice chunks for almost an hour.  With the wind to our backs, it was gorgeous and quite enjoyable outside, but then we’d turn around and literally be attacked in the eyeballs by teeny ice pellets and want to die.  I’m surprised both of my contacts stayed in my eyes.  Our original plan of 7 miles turned into 6…then 5…then 4.  At a 10:30 average pace.  But that’s all part of winter running, and I’m glad we got a few miles in!

And what a great start to my birthday.  I turned 25 on Sunday!  After our adventure through winter wonderland, our group went to a local diner for brunch, where I had a little birthday celebration.  It is never too cold for ice cream, and you’re never too old to blow out candles! IMG_1691

And then it kept on snowing and snowing, so I was snowed in the rest of the day by myself.  Ha- it was an interesting birthday.  I bailed on a Super Bowl party I was going to go to because the roads were bad, so I put on the game and talked to my sister Laura on the phone; it was almost like a party.  Plus, I didn’t have to share this giant 21-serving bag of Sweet Potato Fries!  If you haven’t tried these bad boys, they’re from Sam’s, and they’re delicious.


Fortunately for everyone, the roads cleared up enough for our seven hours of class to happen on Monday, so that was cool. I got up extra early on Monday (today) to fit in a 5:30am workout in my apartment’s fitness room, and it reminded me how much I like early morning workouts.  My schedule is all over the place this semester and most of my workouts have been happening later in the day; I much prefer the early morning sweat sessions.  Today was 60 minutes of strength training (similar to the “5 min on + 1 min off” workout Ryan and I did last weekend) and again, to the tune of VH1 Top 20 Music Video countdowns (I swear, it’s always on).


Andrea was super nice and brought these healthy carrot cake cookies to class to celebrate my birthday and Lauren’s birthday, which was a few days before mine.  They had a little bit of a biscuit feel to them, but I really liked them.  And perfect little poppers for so many hours of lecture.

IMG_1700 Have a good week!

What did you do for the Super Bowl? Current favorite chip?


19 thoughts on “25th birthday and SNOW

  1. Yeyyyyy happy birthday! That is so crazy you had to cancel your plans because of the snow.
    Seriously, running with friends followed by brunch sounds like the perfect birthday! It sounds like you have fabulous friends 🙂
    Favorite chip? Probably Salt & Vinegar

  2. AHHHHH HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! booo for being snowed in on your bday, though. that’s terrible! your two questions actually go very well together for me because for the superbowl we hung out at our friends’ house and while there, I rekindled my love for doritos!! We never get those bc they’re cheesy so mike doesn’t like them… but omg they are just so delicious. now I want to try those sweet potato fries!

    • THANKS! glad you got to rekindle your Dorito flame! interesting that Mike doesn’t like cheese-flavored things. I remember you saying that he doesn’t like cheese…my dad and I don’t like real cheese either, but cheese-flavored things (aka fake salty cheese powder) is our favorite!

  3. Happy birthday, Karen!!! So sorry that you were snowed in. It was pretty boring for me and it wasn’t even my bday haha! Super impressed that you run in these conditions. Good work 🙂

  4. Happy belated birthday! You’re such a trooper, I am SUCH a wimp when it comes to winter running. Hope your day and week were great!

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