10 miles and sugar overload

Hello!  Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s weekend.

First up, an announcement to stay tuned for big blog news coming later this week!! 🙂

My weekend started with a long run on Friday afternoon.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to run or not because my nose was a stuffy mess all morning, but I felt okay later and followed the “neck rule” of running: Green light if your symptoms are above the neck (i.e. head cold); Red light if your symptoms are below the neck (i.e. chest cold).

And good thing, too.  I had a fantastic pain-free & sinus-clearing 10 mile run, which is the longest I’ve gone post-injury.  I ran a 3-mile loop three times and then circled the parking lot until I hit 10 miles.  Sometimes I have days where I’m in the mood for a monotonous route that requires no thinking.  Anyone else?IMG_1749

I’m not sure if running long makes me crave sugar or what, but I went grocery shopping before Ryan arrived later that evening, and I somehow found myself at the checkout line with cake mix, ice cream, cool whip, and a bunch of toppings for breakfast crepes.

We started Valentine’s Day with two batches of crepes (Ryan’s mom’s mom’s delicious recipe!) and an assortment of fun fillings.  The line-up: frozen berries, sprinkles, chocolate chips, peanut butter, jelly, Nutella, bananas, and cool-whip (unpictured).IMG_1757

I went for the classic peanut butter + fruit + banana combo for all of my crepes, but Ryan thought outside the box and brought in a few new players, including chocolate ice cream and dark chocolate Easter eggs (um, that he found in my pantry from last Easter).

Later [waaay later because it took a long time for either of us to be hungry again], we went to Qdoba for the “kiss for a BOGO smothered burrito deal.”  Ryan actually ate both smothered burritos (he continues to awe me), and I ordered tacos.


It might sound like all we did all weekend was eat, and that’s pretty accurate.  We made a jello cake on Friday night that I’m not even sure what to do with because my stomach is boycotting sugar.

We also fit in two killer workouts.

Sat: 80 min strength circuit.  We created six different groups of 3-4 exercises and completed each group in a 6-minute AMRAP style, and then repeated everything.  I can tell that I’m getting stronger because exercises that used to leave me sore for days (pulsing lunges with dumbbells–that’s you) seemed easier.

Sun: 3 x (10 min treadmill run + 10 minutes strength).  I started each treadmill run at an easy pace and upped the pace by 0.1 every minute.  In case anyone is interested in the strength set, here’s what we did between runs.  I really liked it!
12 squat + side kicks per side
12 dumbbell deadlifts
15 supermans
20 bicycle crunches
0:30 wall sit
10 side plank dips per side
12 weighted lunge pulses per side
10 push ups

Have a great week!

Design your perfect crepe.
Any good runs over the weekend?


8 thoughts on “10 miles and sugar overload

  1. Yes, I feel you on the monotonous route! I LOVE out and back routes because at the half way point, mentally, I feel like the run is pretty much over. Totally false but it works for me!

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