Ice cream, speed, and a very long exam

Ryan came to visit!  Actually, Ryan came to defend his thesis (go Ryan!), and that means he’s in town for a few days to hang out.  We celebrated last night with a dessert picnic while watching Modern Family.  Nothing is classier than eating ice cream straight from the container, right?


Let’s get a close up of that.


All of the sugar last night fueled me through my speedwork this morning.  It was chilly and rather October-ish when I got to the track, so that was a nice change.
2 mile warm up, 3 x 1 mile, 2 mile cool down
The mile repeats were at a fairly consistent 7:05ish pace, and the pace felt comfortably hard.  However, I foamed rolled extra long this morning and I stretched after every mile because my shins started to cramp up, and I got “crazy legs” during my second mile repeat.  I’m pretty sure that my shin cramps and crazy leg bouts are related to my super tight glutes, hamstrings, and quads, and more foam rolling will probably help.

It was a good run, but for whatever reason I was extra sore all day, and my legs reminded me how sore they were every time I got up.  But really, I didn’t get up very often; I had a power block of classes on Wednesday afternoon, complete with a two-hour exam that took every minute of those two hours.  Fortunately and unfortunately, we were allowed to bring notes:


Running recap:

Monday: 7 mile tempo.  7:30ish pace for the middle 5 miles on a hilly course at home.  BUT I stopped after each hill (3 hills) for about a minute to catch my breath because I thought I was going to pop a lung, so it was kind of like a mixture of mile repeats, a tempo, and hill work.

Tuesday: 30 minutes with weights, 20 minute run.  This run actually might have been the worst run ever.  I stopped every 5 minutes to stretch because my shins cramped like they were on fire, so then I just gave up.  Bad runs don’t make bad runners, right?

Pick 2 desserts.
Who is the funniest character in Modern Family?


Visit from Ryan and his PB Trail Mix!

Guess who came to visit for the weekend!

Ryan did!  It was great to see him.  We talked a lot, exercised a lot, and ate a lot…just like old times!  Ryan arrived with goodies:

He is a perfect snack-picker-outer.  Did anybody know that PEANUT BUTTER TRAIL MIX EXISTED?  Pretzels, peanuts, Reece Pieces, and peanut butter chips.  A mix straight from my own heart.

But first let’s back up to early Saturday morning.  I met up with the running group at 5:50am to run 10 miles.  Now before you think that sounds like a big deal, let me just tell you that my group was the third leg.  Group 1 started at 4:00am (22 miles), Group 2 started at 4:20am (20) miles, and my group joined in at 5:50am for the last 10.  Those early birds are incredible..they kept an 8:20ish pace for the last 10 miles of a 20+ mile training run!  I tagged on 3.5 extra miles, making my Saturday morning 13.5 total.

After the run, I cleaned my apartment and made lunch for Ryan’s lunchtime arrival.
The recipe: Almost Lasagna

Same ingredients as lasagna (elbow noodles instead) but everything was mixed together, so it was easier to make and harder to screw up.  Good thing it was good because Ryan and I ate it all weekend!

After lunch we met up with our church Life Group to clean the church, and then we hung out all day.  We discovered miles of walking trails and covered probably five miles.IMAG0433IMAG0434
Artsy phone pics.

We played Mastermind with the PB trail mix…Ryan thought that one up, and it was fun!  IMAG0443

Sunday was a double workout day for Ryan and me.  We fit in a 45 minute run + strength circuit (strength=lunges, squats, push ups, tri dips) before church and a pool run after church.  Today’s workout was 5 min warm up, 4 x (5 x 1:30 hard, :30 easy), and my quads are so shot.  I think that pool running tires out my legs more than any other exercise.

Ryan’s already on his way back from the quick weekend, and he left me to finish the bag of PB Trail Mix alone.  Challenge accepted.

Happy Sunday!

Confession: Currently watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid because it’s on tv and I think it’s a hilarious movie.  I promise I was babysitting the first time I saw it.

Best form of pretzel? (Crisp, stick, rod, soft pretzel…)
What’s the earliest you’ve ever gotten up for a run?  For a race?


Saturday!  Long run day!

Thanks to going to bed before 9:30pm last night and falling asleep immediately, my 5:00am wakeup call was no big deal!  It was still light out when I went to bed, but totally worth it to get up not feeling like a zombie.

I ran with the Saturday run group this morning for the third time, and the four of us covered 10 miles at an 8:30ish pace, and then I tacked on a 3-miles cooldown.  It was a nice morning for a run–not nearly as hot and humid as it’s been, so I left my hydration belt in the car.  My legs felt good for the whole run, including my nagging left butt/hamstring (even with hills!).

After the run, I hopped right in the shower and got ready for a canoe trip with Ryan and our friends Dan & Alicia.  The sky looked a little dreary and the weatherman called for showers later in the day, but we decided to chance it.

It started raining on our way there.

Here’s Ryan and I wishing the rain away in the parking lot.

Along with Ryan & me and Dan & Alicia (+ their energetic dog Penn), a family of 4 boarded for the 2-hour trip. We all bonded over not losing a canoe on the extra bumpy drive to the put-in (was our driver even 16?)

It rained (poured) a fair amount of the trip, but we had a blast!  Well except for Penn, who nervously paced and whimpered on Dan & Alicia’s canoe, and the little girl in the family of 4 who was clearly terrified.

Alicia and Dan’s canoe flipped maybe 5 minutes into the trip, thanks to Penn moving around and tree branches in the water.  It was a crazy few minutes.  Alicia clung to a tree limb for dear life amidst a racing current while everyone else chased their belongings..and Penn.  Ryan, Dan, Alicia, and the dad from the family were all in the water.  It was very exciting.

Us after the flip escapade.  Miss Safety is wearing her life jacket.

Two hours later and covered in creek water, rain, mud, and bug bites, we finished!  Our canoe, Alicia & Dan’s canoe, and the family’s canoe all safely returned, and the only casualty was the set of towels that were lost during The Great Flip.

Round of applause to Ryan for being an excellent canoe partner, singing Pocahontas with me, and doing 98% of the work.

Summer: hot coffee, iced coffee, or no coffee?
What’s the earliest acceptable bedtime?

Pool Run

Ryan and I went pool running yesterday!

Pool running is a staple in my injury workout routine, and in the past it has kept me in good enough shape for a smooth transition back to land.  I’ll replace all or most of my runs with interval-based pool workouts, heal up, and then return to being a full-fledged land runner.  Really though, I think I should incorporate the occasional water running session into my normal training because it’s zero impact and a cardiovascular monster.  If you push yourself hard enough, it’s brutal and awesome.

If you’re new to pool running, this is the best pool running resource I’ve found.  It covers the basics and provides a 9 week water running schedule with intense workouts.

Per Ryan’s suggestion, we hit Purdue’s Aquatic Center after church on Sunday for his introduction to pool running.  We didn’t see David Boudia, but we pool ran under his diving board!

Ryan and I snatched two water belts and got to work:

Pool Running Workout:
5 minutes easy running
3 x (5 x 1:30 hard + :30 easy) with 2 easy minutes between the 3 sets
5 x :30 hard hard
5 minutes easy running

It was challenging!  Ryan and I hovered around opposite ends of the same lane and gave the occasional thumbs up during a recovery minute; I had on my game face and was huffing and puffing all over my end.

Pool running is kind of like a spinning class in that you get out of it what you put into it.  You’re the only one who knows how much resistance is on your bike or how hard you’re pushing your legs, so you can make it as challenging or as effortless as you want.  Ryan and I were both exhausted after the 40ish minute interval workout, and we agreed that pool running is underrated and should totally be part of every athlete’s workout regimen.

I don’t have any pictures from our water run fun, but I do have a picture of the legendary pinterest-inspired sandwiches we made later that day.  Broccoli ham grilled cheese.  Or “grown up grilled cheese,” according to Ryan.

Ohh yeah.

And here’s the strawberry shortcake Andrea made for our pediatric audiology class:

The class is four hours long and our professor loves sweets, so Andrea, Bre, Lauren, and I take turns bringing in treats.  We had the same professor for medical audiology in the spring semester, so this dessert tradition began in January.

Somehow I’ve lucked out and haven’t actually baked anything (I hate baking)–once I was home the weekend before and my mom made the cookies, once Ryan made the cookies (while hopping on ONE LEG because he was in a leg brace prepping for ACL surgery. I can’t believe I accepted the offer..), and class must have been cancelled the other times.

My turn is next week, so I’m already thinking about which box mix will taste the most homemade.

ALSO: Congrats to my dad on completing a Half Ironman in Syracuse yesterday!  And with a kick-butt time!

Favorite olympic sport to watch?
Funfetti? or yellow cake with chocolate frosting?

Group Run Numba 2 and Oz

Group long run again today!  There were 5 of us, and we covered 10  miles together.  It was HU-MID, and I didn’t bring any water.

My stubborn self does not like to carry water on runs and will do anything and everything possible to avoid the sloshing, slopping feeling of a water belt or bottle.
Strategies used to avoid carrying water (not advised):

  1. Circle around and around a “home base”
  2. Plan the run around a water fountain
  3. Thank my dad profusely when he offers to carry water for both of us
  4. Be thirsty

I chose #4 today and left a big water bottle in my car.  Anyway, the run pace was about 8:18, and I felt strong for all except the last half mile.

Some group runners went back out for 5 more (or 10 more!), but I stopped after our 10 mile loop and ran a few cooldown miles by myself after I got back to my apartment.  My cooldown traced along the river, and the path was pretty muddy in some spots and under water in other spots.  There was a terrifying 20-foot stretch where I slid down a muddy incline in an upright position–kind of like surfing on mud!  Somehow I managed not to faceplant into mud

Today’s total: 13.5 miles

Non-Running section:

Last night Ryan and I went to a free on-campus showing of Oz the Great and Powerful.  Earlier this year, we went to a free showing of The Perks of Being a Wallflower with Andrea and Alex, and the theatre was packed to max capacity, so I figured this movie would be the same.  Wrong.  There weren’t very many of us–there were like 15 of us–but we got to sit wherever we wanted!

The movie was okay but a little slow, and Ryan and I took turns asking each other if we were ready to go.  We ended up staying for the whole movie and agreed that the ending was the best part.  I’m glad we went, but I won’t be renting that one.

But more importantly, there was good company (Ryan) …and a good sandwich before the movie.  Potbelly’s Mediterranean sandwich is maybe the best sandwich ever.  I explained to Ryan that I seem to have developed a craving for this sandwich that is only satisfied by eating it…and it starts again immediately after I finish it.

Potbelly’s menu lists the calorie content next to each sandwich, and Ryan’s strategy is to get the highest calorie sandwich because it’s the best value.  This is a great approach if you are very active, very tall, and an economist!


Thursday: 5.5ish miles, easy @ 6pm

Friday: Circuit workout outside (1 hour):
5 x (run up hill, push ups + lunges, run down hill, squats + tri dips)

Saturday: 13.5 miles

Best sandwich ever?

Water strategy?

Weekend Highlights

“I’ll eat more vegetables tomorrow,” I assured Lauren between bites of the Nutella and reddi whip sandwich I made for dinner.  At 11pm.

It’s been a good weekend.  Here are some scenes, in no particular order:

  • Ryan and I went to the Taste of Tippecanoe on Saturday evening, which was a gigantic event that overtook several streets downtown from 6pm-midnight.  Dozens of local restaurants sold food, four stages held musicians/bands, and hundreds of people swarmed the streets.  It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision to go, but a great one.  On our walk over, we speculated if we’d see anyone we knew–Ryan guessed 0 and I guessed 2–but we saw a whopping 8 (?) people that we knew! (or just recognized)

Taste of Tippecanoe

  • I spent too much (but somehow not enough) quality time with the newborn hearing screening protocol and the changes it’s gone through over the past few decades.  We have 10 articles to read for our pediatrics class, but it’s an interesting topic!


  • Ryan and I went with our friends Alicia and Dan to visit another friend in the hospital on Saturday.  She is an absolute trooper and is doing well!  After talking with and spending time with her, the four of us went on a hunt for the hospital nursery to see some cute babies.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see any–but only because we couldn’t find the nursery; I’m sure the babies were still cute.
  • The group run.
  • At church on Sunday morning, our pastor mentioned that the praise band was performing a worship concert at another church on Sunday evening.  Ryan and I have a recently adopted strategy called Let’s go to everything we’re invited to, so naturally we went.  And I take full responsibility for us being 15 minutes late because I was clearly wrong when I told Ryan I knew how to get there.  Anyway, the music was rockin (and so very loud), and the room was filled with Jesus.  BONUS that the church provided ice cream sundaes afterward!


Sunday: 7.5 mile run at 1pm.  8:12ish pace, and it felt good!  Pretty sure my “I like weight training” kick bit the dust..


Ryan and I went camping this weekend at one of Indiana’s State Parks!

The night before, I packed anything and everything I thought I might happen to need for 24 hours, including way too many t-shirts, 2 books, 2 hats (I don’t even wear hats), and about 10 pairs of contacts.  Just in case, right?  Ryan hung out and read and ate chocolate.


We hit the road on Friday afternoon after I finished a lab at school, complete with the four essentials to a good road trip, according to Karen:

  1. Good company (Ryan)
  2. Great jams (Jesus music and today’s hits)
  3. Pop (Diet Coke)
  4. Car snacks (SO MUCH TRAIL MIX)
  1. DSCN0726

The campground we originally planned to go to was full, but the woman there recommended a neighboring campsite that still had openings, and we got one of the last 3 spots!

So excited!

Me and Ryan

We claimed our site and went off to explore the campground, hike a few trails, and swat a few bugs.  We wandered around until our legs were tired, and then Ryan got our site situated and started a fire while I took pictures/watched/probably ate trail mix/helped a little.

Ta Da!

We had previously planned out a food list for Friday dinner and Saturday breakfast and lunch, and our fruit & veggie selection was awesome.  Apples, oranges, watermelon, grapes, bananas, carrots, broccoli, celery, cherry tomatoes.  Pure produce domination.

The food stash!

For Friday dinner/Saturday breakfast & lunch, we made bacon & egg burritos, grilled cheese, grilled peanut butter and cheese (never again), and peanut butter and banana sandwiches.  We paired the sandwiches with peanut-butter-slathered-vegetables, lots of fruit, and water that smelled like a pool.  And we ate trail mix.  Basically I ate trail mix at every possible opportunity.

Makin’ bacon

Grilled cheese and coffee on the fire

And we had s’mores, of course!

Trail mix s’more.  So much trail mix.

Ryan isn’t a coffee drinker, but he offered to bring a camping coffee maker for me if I brought coffee grounds.  I did, but I didn’t bring a mug, which I realized after Ryan made me coffee.  We had a few creative ideas that involved a plastic water bottle, a cup made out of foil, and a shallow dish made out of foil.  After melting my water bottle and dripping coffee out of the foil cup, I was able to lap up a few sips from the shallow bowl.

Melted water bottle and foil cup attempt


Ryan and I hiked some awesomely rugged trails, complete with shallow streams, tricky footing, and ladders!  It was super fun.

We also saw a racoon (close up, and I’m pretty sure it slept right next to the tent), a deer, and some fun creepy crawlies.

Bonus news= Mosquito Queen is bite-free!