15 miles and a casserole mountain

Perfect morning for a run.  Chilly, no humidity, a full moon, and a sunrise!  I met up with the running group early this morning for 11 miles, and then I added 4 more.  15 is the longest run I’ve done it quite a while, but we kept the pace relaxed (averaged 8:40s), so I survived the whole distance.  And then I skipped core work and stretching because my legs were too tired.

The rest of today is dedicated to classwork, and I have big plans to cross a lab report and a few presentations off the whiteboard on my fridge.  Ryan also has a lot of work to do and he is able to stay on task a million times better than me, so I am trying to summon his impressive work ethic to stay focused.  …which will begin after I write this blog post.

But first, a quick recap of yesterday’s workout.
Yesterday morning Ryan and I went to the rec center to fit in a workout before my 8am clinic.  I can’t complain how early it was because it was an hour earlier for Ryan’s Central-Time-Zone-Self, and he didn’t complain about getting up in the wee hours of the morning.  I did about an hour of strength work with weights, focusing on arms & legs and a tiny bit of abs (that’s like the whole body, right?  I wish someone would plan my strength workouts for me.)

Oh, and let me share what ever happened with Zucchini Zeke’s almost-as-large cousin.  Ryan made Tomato Zucchini Casserole from a recipe on Allrecipes, and it was fantastic!  He bought the ingredients two weeks ago to make last time he was here and we didn’t have time, but we learned that tomatoes, onions, and a few basil leaves out of the pack can last two weeks in your refrigerator!  Good thing I don’t have time to cook and therefore kept them in the Kroger bag in my fridge without using them.

We were determined to fit the entire extra-large zucchini in the recipe, so we layered until we could layer no more and then secured the mountain with foil:
You know how you can look at several pictures of each recipe from Allrecipes?  Maybe we should submit this one.

Here’s what it looked like out of the oven:

The picture may not do it justice because its taste can be described as a mozzarella stick with some tomatoes inside or like a mixed up pizza with extra veggies.  Yum!

Off to be productive!  Enjoy your Saturday!

Best part about fall?
Have you eaten candy corn yet this season?


Sunrise at the track

Monday morning at the track with repeats and a sunrise.


Now that the sun comes out later in the morning, it’s much harder to get up and moving.  0% of me wanted to run speed this morning, but I sucked it up–and had a great workout and saw a pretty sunrise!

the workout: 2, 2 x 1.5mi, 1 x 1mi, 1

I ran 6 100m sprints before the repeats to shake my legs awake.  For the 1.5 mile & mile repeats, I aimed for a 7-minute pace, and I was right on!  It felt comfortably hard, and I was proud of myself for being so consistent!

Crossed that workout off the to do list

When I got back to my apartment, I put my shoes away (by kicking them off in the shoe pile by my door) and noticed that this pile had 4 pairs of running shoes, 1 pair of TOMs, 1 pair of flats, and 2 pairs of sandals.  I am not sure how that happened because I distinctly remember clearing this pile last week.  At home, our laundry room always accumulated mass amounts of footwear from the five members of my family, but I always denied being the problem one.  Living alone teaches you things!


Three great things happened today:

  1. One of my favorite Jesus songs came on the radio on my way to school.
  2. Bre brought s’more cookie bars to our pediatrics class!  Since i had a real campfire s’more over the weekend, my taste buds were in the position to compare, and I actually preferred the s’more cookie bar!  Most of this preference is because I like solid chocolate more than melted chocolate, though I do like burnt marshmallows.
  3. Walking to my car after class, I saw two cyclists riding their bikes up the parking garage.  Judging from their fluorescent shirts and road bikes, they were legitimately in the middle of a hill workout in the parking garage.

Campfire marshmallows: burnt to a crisp or perfectly toasted?
Most fun thing you did over the weekend?

Why am I watching Glee again?

This weekend was a little uneventful from my end.  But I caught up with a few friends/family over the phone, ran, ate meals at strange times, and watched five episodes of Glee.  I hadn’t really watched Glee since freshman year of college–my friends and I watched season 1 together, but then we fizzled out when the show turned weird.

Something possessed me to watch an episode of Season 4 on Saturday, and then I got hooked because I love musicals.  I’m not totally up with the drama, but Season 5 starts on Thursday and I bet I’ll end up watching it…and every week.

I was also mildly domestic this weekend.  I made a dessert for our peds class tomorrow (the class that we take turns bringing treats to): Sweet ‘n Salty Peanut Bars


And a close up of the layers.  Cookie, caramel, peanuts:

It took me a while to find a dessert recipe to make–My requirements: No mixer needed, no refrigeration needed on the final product, and something that I was not likely to ruin (bars are harder to ruin than cookies).

Bre taste tested these and gave me the go-ahead to bring them to class, so hopefully we get through the whole pan tomorrow because Ryan isn’t here to eat the leftovers.

Since the oven was already on, I put in a batch of vegetables (eggplant, carrots, & cherry tomatoes) for experimentation after the cookie thing was finished.  The roasted veggies tasted much better than raw veggies, but they looked a little ugly because the eggplant super stuck to the cookie sheet, so here is the before picture instead of the after picture:


Weekend running recap:

Saturday: 10 miles with the group.  We started at 8:30ish pace but sped up and maintained an 8 minute pace for the majority of the run.  I felt really strong, and the weather was beautifully cool.

Then 3 sets of:
20 staggered push ups <–I like these!
15 hamstring curls on ball
1:00 front plank
15 bodyweight squats
20 v-ups

Sunday: 5 miles with this set between each mile:
20 walking lunges
20 staggered push ups
20 squats
20 tri dips

Visit from Ryan and his PB Trail Mix!

Guess who came to visit for the weekend!

Ryan did!  It was great to see him.  We talked a lot, exercised a lot, and ate a lot…just like old times!  Ryan arrived with goodies:

He is a perfect snack-picker-outer.  Did anybody know that PEANUT BUTTER TRAIL MIX EXISTED?  Pretzels, peanuts, Reece Pieces, and peanut butter chips.  A mix straight from my own heart.

But first let’s back up to early Saturday morning.  I met up with the running group at 5:50am to run 10 miles.  Now before you think that sounds like a big deal, let me just tell you that my group was the third leg.  Group 1 started at 4:00am (22 miles), Group 2 started at 4:20am (20) miles, and my group joined in at 5:50am for the last 10.  Those early birds are incredible..they kept an 8:20ish pace for the last 10 miles of a 20+ mile training run!  I tagged on 3.5 extra miles, making my Saturday morning 13.5 total.

After the run, I cleaned my apartment and made lunch for Ryan’s lunchtime arrival.
The recipe: Almost Lasagna

Same ingredients as lasagna (elbow noodles instead) but everything was mixed together, so it was easier to make and harder to screw up.  Good thing it was good because Ryan and I ate it all weekend!

After lunch we met up with our church Life Group to clean the church, and then we hung out all day.  We discovered miles of walking trails and covered probably five miles.IMAG0433IMAG0434
Artsy phone pics.

We played Mastermind with the PB trail mix…Ryan thought that one up, and it was fun!  IMAG0443

Sunday was a double workout day for Ryan and me.  We fit in a 45 minute run + strength circuit (strength=lunges, squats, push ups, tri dips) before church and a pool run after church.  Today’s workout was 5 min warm up, 4 x (5 x 1:30 hard, :30 easy), and my quads are so shot.  I think that pool running tires out my legs more than any other exercise.

Ryan’s already on his way back from the quick weekend, and he left me to finish the bag of PB Trail Mix alone.  Challenge accepted.

Happy Sunday!

Confession: Currently watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid because it’s on tv and I think it’s a hilarious movie.  I promise I was babysitting the first time I saw it.

Best form of pretzel? (Crisp, stick, rod, soft pretzel…)
What’s the earliest you’ve ever gotten up for a run?  For a race?

welcome to grad school and some feta

Fall semester starts on Monday!  To welcome in the new first year AuD students, our class got together with the new girls for dinner at Andrea’s apartment and then we all went out together.

Of course I insisted on pictures.

Andrea, Jaime, Bailey, Bre, and me

The photographer was the 10 second timer + Andrea’s grill + 5 Harry Potter books for the perfect height.
This is what happens when I ask my friends to “move back, move back, move up a little.. no, move back” to figure out where we should stand.

My class: Andrea, Bre, me (Lauren wasn’t able to make it)

Whenever we get together for dinner we usually make a recipe from someone’s pinterest board, so Andrea made us Feta Basil Turkey Burgers (when you click on the link, it launches into a video on how to make them, so heads up), and they were so good.  I also want to let everyone know that Andrea was our grillmaster, and she did a great job.  She pinned the recipe last week and I immediately repinned it because I love feta.


Now let’s talk about running.

Thursday: I fit in a workout right before I went to Andrea’s: 15 min arms with weights, 6 miles with 10 lunges + 15 squats between each mile.  Power for this run came out of nowhere, and my miles were much faster and felt much better than I expected them to be.

Friday: Rest day. I was out late on Thursday and basically had no Friday plans, so I maxed out the rest day.  Seriously though, my step count is probably < 100 steps for the day.  But I’ve been enjoying it with Friends (not my friends, but the show Friends).

And now I’m realizing that I’ve literally done nothing today, so I am going to go clean my apartment.

Happy weekend!

Favorite kind of hamburger/turkeyburger/veggieburger recipe?
Do you have the words memorized to the Friends themesong?

800s and a deep hatred for navigation

Nothing makes you dread Monday morning like morning speedwork does!


I mentioned before that I’m loosely following a training plan by Ryan Hall that I found online, and today was:

15 min warm up
6 x 100m strides
6 x 800m w/ 90 sec rest
15 min cool down

I hadn’t done structured speedwork since I can’t even remember when, so I didn’t have any time goals for the 800s, and I ended up with: 316, 3:20, 3:22, 3:22, 3:26, & 3:24.  (I don’t think you’re supposed to get slower with every repeat.)  And I’m not sure that I really pushed myself hard enough because my cool down miles were both 8 minutes and felt oddly easy.

I’ll get ’em next time.  But really, I’m just happy that I made it to the track because I almost bagged the idea in favor something on the roads and less structured.  I had a meeting on campus later in the morning, and I get unreasonably nervous when I drive somewhere new with any sort of time crunch.  I had never been to that track before, nor had I ever driven to campus from my new apartment, so I was weirdly stressed.  Zero sense of direction, a terrible memory, and a fear of being late but always running late is the worst combination ever.  This enormous hate and fear for logistics includes navigating new places alone, being the co-pilot, making decisions about what time to leave, and figuring out tricky transportation (like flights and shuttles).  Fact: When I took the GRE, I was more about finding the location than actually taking the test.

But everything worked out and I made it to all obligations on time, and I even put food in my crockpot before I left!


I followed a recipe I had pinned for General Tso Crockpot Chicken (chicken + garlic, brown sugar, ginger, soy sauce, crushed red pepper, stir fry veggies)–it tasted good, but it was pretty dry because I left it in the crockpot for like 9 hours.  I ate it with rice, and I mixed in some peanut butter.

This Ryan-esque meal made me sad that Ryan and I aren’t neighbors anymore and can’t make random meals together all the time.

But we got to Skype…with a special guest appearance from Tucker!  He is eyeing up Ryan’s left ear, which he will taste in a few seconds.
Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 7.45.06 PM


Foam Rolling & Food

I opted out of a long run this morning.  My legs were tired from all of the tempo runs this week, and I have speedwork planned for tomorrow morning (week 1 of HM training!).  Instead, I went 7 miles at an easy easy pace–no Garmin because I didn’t even want to know the pace.

There were lots and lots of runners out this morning!  We all waved when we passed one another–this means that we all spread out the fingers of one hand and grunted, but in a friendly-intended way because that’s all we could muster.  Or at least that’s what I did.

I completed two rounds of reverse planks, lateral leg lifts, and clamshells after the run and almost did abwork then didn’t.  I’ve been pretty diligent about hamstring strengthening this week, and I’d like to carry that over to foam rolling as well.  I foam-rolled last night, thanks to help from Laura!


I was shocked when I shouted “Hey Laura! Will you come here and kind of lift me up and pull my arms?” and she DID.  Whenever I try to roll out my hamstrings alone, I can’t seem to put enough force on them because I’m holding myself up with my arms.  The awkward position above is one way to solve the problem, but if anyone has any better ideas, please let me know..

Laura stopped by for the evening, but before she came, my mom and I (mostly my mom) made 2 new recipes!  We picked two things from my Pinterest meal board:

  1. Spinach Parmesan Quinoa from Lisa’s Dinnertime Dish –Anything with Parmesan is good in my book.  The more parm, the better.
  2. Tuna Salad with Avocado from The Lean Green Bean.  This was mayo-less!  I generally avoid tuna salad because I don’t eat mayonnaise, so I think this was my first time ever eating tuna.  It was GOOD.


Fall semester work starts tomorrow.  Wow!