Mini waterfalls

This morning started with an easy but hard 11-miler.  Easy because I told myself I could run whatever pace I wanted to but hard because I waited until 8am, suffered the heat and humidity, and hated every step.  The route was really hilly, but I kept an 8:30 pace with one walking/panting break after a hard hill that lasted the entire 9th mile.  Not my best run, but at least I finished!  I’ve been hydrating all day to make up for the 5 gallons of sweat I think I lost.

Late afternoon was also very drippy.  A random severe thunderstorm hit us at 4:30pm, so Laura and I rushed out to the deck to enjoy it from under the awning.  The rain was so heavy that the awning trapped huge water puddles, and we took turns poking a broom at the most loaded spot.  Water rushed down like a mini waterfall over and over with every poke.  This was Laura’s idea, and that is why Laura is the wise older sister.

Poke; waterfall

We took the picture above with my camera, and we took the picture below with my phone.

Poke; another waterfall

Creepy how dark the second picture is, right?  It was actually that dark outside during the late afternoon storm.

When it’s this dark and rainy outside, you get an automatic free pass to watch tv and be unproductive without feeling guilty, so we watched Glee reruns.


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